Gauss Gun


Converter circuit for gauss guns
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Diagram of the converter for a gauss gun

The converter is made on the popular 555 series timer. The design of the converter is quite simple and can not cause difficulties even for beginners radio amateurs. The power of such a converter largely depends on the used field
Gauss Gan
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Gauss Gan

Good day, dear radio amateurs. Each of you at least once in your life wanted to collect Gauss gana, in other words the Gauss gun. Today will be considered option, perhaps one of the easiest schemes for the project. The main part of the Gauss guns -
Gauss Cannon or Gauss Gun II
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Gauss Gun or Gauss Gun II

Gauss semi-automatic gun. Built by an American craftsman, the speed of departure of the projectile is 110km / h.! There is a laser sight and digital charge indicator. Shop for 14 ammunition.

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