Generator for a bicycle from a stepper motor

A stepper motor is not only a motor that drives all sorts of devices (printer, scanner, etc.), but also a good generator! The main advantage of such a generator is that it does not need large revolutions. In other words, even at low speeds, the stepping motor produces a lot of energy. That is, the usual bicycle generator requires initial turns until the lantern starts to shine with a bright light. This disadvantage disappears when using a stepper motor.
In turn, the stepper motor has several disadvantages. The main one is a large magnetic sticking.
Oh well. First we need to find a stepper motor. Here the rule works: The bigger the motor, the better.
Here I’ll introduce to you a couple of mounting options and a couple of stepping motor options.
Let's start with the biggest one. I ripped it out of the plotter for printing; it's such a big printer.In appearance, the engine looks pretty big.
Before I show you the scheme of stabilization and power supply, I want to show you the method of attachment to your bike.

Date: 08.10.2018, 16:29 / Views: 55493

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