Glowing LED Tubes

I love LEDs. They are economical, durable, and most importantly very beautiful. And I'm always looking for new ways to use them in a new way. Here, for example, is a great way to use two super bright blue LEDs and a tube 8-10 centimeters long. From these components we will make a tube that looks like a neon. A great way to make a modding computer.
The tube must be filled with a fluorescent liquid, thanks to which a neon lamp effect can be created. In addition to the above listed components, we will need a fluorescent marker (available at most office supply stores)
Preparation of the dye. Take and disassemble the marker, pull out the rod soaked in paint. Let it through a little alcohol or some alcohol-containing solution, such as cologne. The resulting concentrate is diluted with water. We got a liquid that reflects light well.
Next, cut off the necessary piece of transparent tube and at one end, firmly insert the LED. At the other end of the tube pour our liquid. For this operation, I used a plastic bottle with a pointed neck. We pour liquid without bubbles and insert another LED.
For full tightness it is possible to glue the ends of the tube with light-emitting diodes.
The long tube should not be abused, as if to take too long, its middle it will be badly lit.  
Well, and where to use these magnificent glowing tubes come up with yourself. Good luck!

Date: 08.10.2018, 21:07 / Views: 52251

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