Goat milk is healthy, tasty and affordable.

Disputes about the benefits and harm of goat milk do not cease to subside to this day, all, probably due to the fact that some of its properties are too exaggerated, some, on the contrary, are not taken into account, but in vain. Goat milk is really a very useful, valuable and highly dietary food product that can be an excellent assistant in the treatment and prevention of many diseases of the human body.

For adults and children

Useful properties of milk goats were seen even in ancient Greece, where to this day there is a myth about the god Zeus, who in infancy nourished his milk Amalfean goat. Since ancient times, the peoples of the Caucasus, Asia and Europe have been breeding these animals, where the healing properties of such milk are used everywhere, especially in the treatment of pulmonary and intestinal diseases.

Seriously studying medical properties of goat milk, medical scientists became interested only in the beginning of the 20th century, it was at that time that the fact that babies,which for one reason or another cannot be breast fed by mother’s milk, they survive much more often if they get goat instead of cow’s milk.

At the end of the 20th century, goat's milk was officially recognized as a high-dietary product that is effective for treating immunocompromised people and children. According to experts and scientists from the United States, goat's milk for the human body is much more favorable than cow's milk, Russian and Canadian doctors adhere to the same idea.

To understand why goat milk is so useful, it is necessary, first of all, to refer to its composition, which will fully reveal the whole picture of the great value of such a dairy product.

What is it made of?

First of all, I would like to draw attention to the rich composition of vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, each of which is contained in a fairly decent amount, positively affecting individual or groups of human organs.

In this dairy product contains 6 times more cobalt, compared with the milk of other animals, and he, by the way, affects the blood and metabolism.

Such an important feature is literally indispensable for those children who have a weakened immune system and the whole body.Another important feature of goat milk is the minimum content of alpha-1s-casein, which is the main source of allergic reactions in humans for cow's milk.

This allows such people to safely drink milk, moreover, if it is done regularly for several months, then you can get rid of any other allergic reactions.

Wonderful animals

In addition, it has long been proven that goat milk contains 2 times less lactose than cow milk, which makes it possible for use by a group of individuals who have an individual intolerance to this element.

Of course, the risk of not accepting such milk always exists, but it is much less, which is why it is very important to gradually introduce this product into the daily diet of the patient. Gradually increasing portions, you can make for yourself certain conclusions without much damage to your own health.

Plus, I would like to note the fact that goat milk is much faster and easier absorbed by the human body, this moment is very important for those people whose body is weakened after suffering a disease, severe physical exertion or stress.

Naturally, the positive properties of goat's milk do not end there, a huge range of essential microelements, minerals and vitamins makes it especially valuable in the treatment of certain diseases and injuries.

For example, a large amount of calcium has a particularly beneficial effect on the development of the musculoskeletal system, affects the health of teeth, nails and hair, especially for future and nursing mothers, as well as for their children.

Manganese, which also in the required volume can be found in the milk of goats, activates important processes of mineral metabolism, cellular respiration, and also contributes to the normal functioning of the brain, pancreas, kidneys and liver. But the magnesium content favorably affects the central nervous system, prevents the deposition of cholesterol, and is also necessary for the full functioning of the heart muscle.

When should milk be consumed?

The correct answer is always when there is such an opportunity. Of course, not all favorably treat the specific smell and taste of such a product, since we all, in the majority, grew up in cow's milk, fully accustomed to its flavoring colors.

That is why many housewives try to cook something from goat's milk, for example, various mixtures for small children, cheese, yogurt or cottage cheese, which are prepared in the same way as their fellow cow's milk.

By the way, it is the sour-milk products made from milk of goats that can cope with the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis in adults or children.

To do this, it is sufficient to use a certain amount of fermented milk products for a certain period of time, the calculation is carried out according to the scheme: 10 kg of body weight - 100 g of product. Usually the course of treatment begins with three days, then take a break in 2 days, then the course is increased to five days, and the break is reduced to 1 day.

After that, intake of fermented milk products is carried out within a week, after which a significant improvement usually occurs. In addition, homemade goat's milk is quite useful in the treatment of gastritis or stomach ulcers, for this it is necessary to drink a glass of raw milk every morning, on an empty stomach, and during the next day sips to drink 2 more glasses. The course of treatment usually lasts about 20 days.

Vitamins in it enough

In addition, the dairy product in question becomes a real salvation for infants and young children who suffer from diathesis or atopic dermatitis.Children's pediatricians have long established that goat milk has a sufficiently bright antihistamine property, which greatly helps in the treatment process, accelerating the recovery of the delicate skin of babies.

Plus, this product helps well in the treatment of pulmonary and catarrhal diseases, helps to get rid of excess weight, and also contributes to the restoration of bones after fractures. Traumatologists have long noted the fact that a patient who drinks a glass of goat milk daily has a sick bone that grows twice as fast, and the recovery process is much easier.

But there are always a few "buts"?

One can talk about the benefits and harms of goats' milk for a very long time, in fact there are other opinions, which are somewhat different from those generally accepted. For example, Italian doctors do not agree with the theory that this dairy product is really tolerated easier than cow's milk.

In addition, it must be remembered that when eating goat milk there is a risk of infection with brucellosis, this point in no case can not be ignored. In order to avoid infection, you need to be sure of the quality of the product, buy it only in those places where the veterinary control of incoming products is carried out.

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