Golden key cake recipe

The “Golden Key” is not just a delicious dessert, but a pleasant reminder of youth. After all, this cake was made by our grandmothers. In its recipe variations it is very diverse, however, its taste for any ingredient set remains excellent. Naturally, like all dishes, the "Golden Key" is easily spoiled: it took too much butter - the cake became viscous and flowing; overdone with the number of toffee - got not a soft key, but an iron armature ... Today we will prepare the "Golden Key" according to the recipe, which my mom used to use: there is nothing superfluous, without unnecessary problems in designing your own bike. The cake has always been moderately sweet, soft and crunchy. Ingredients required: 200 grams of corn sticks, 500 grams of Kis-kis or Golden Key toffee, 200 grams of butter.
golden cake recipe key
 golden key cake recipe
And also I advise you to buy disposable medical gloves beforehand to wear warm gloves (so that when forming hand cakes not burned), and they are medical. If there are no gloves, then you can use the usual package instead. Preparation: Clean the toffee from candy wrappers. Carefully make sure that there are no paper particles on the candies.
 golden key cake recipe
golden cake key
First to the pan in which we will prepare our" Golden Key ", we send the butter, which must be melted. But make sure that the oil does not boil.
 golden key cake recipe
Following the butter we send toffee. We add them gradually, not as a common bunch.
 golden key cake recipe
We melt the mixture of toffee and butter so that it becomes homogeneous.Do not let her boil and sugar.
 golden key cake recipe
We pour corn sticks into a saucepan, and mix the resulting mixture thoroughly.
golden key cake recipe
When the mass has cooled a little, form a cake from it. There are several options: individual small cakes or a large “loaf”, which will then need to be cut into portions.
 golden key cake recipe
Formed cakes are sent in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, so that they are soaked.
golden key cake recipe
Considering the fact that we made a loaf, now we need to cut it into pieces.
cake recipe golden key
The most delicious golden key cake is ready.
golden key cake recipe
recipe for a golden key cake
 recipe for a cake golden key Bon appetit!
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