Great-grandmother cat

Prababushkin cat
Our ancestors played with such or similar animals. Most of the children's toys were homemade, made of scrap materials. At first, the parents gave a “master class” on fun, and then the children made their own works, creatively improving themselves in the process. Handicrafts always turned out unique, original. I am sure that, despite the abundance of modern toys, both you and the children will be interested to make such a cat according to the great-grandmother’s “recipe”. Some special skills in sewing will not be required of you, therefore you can safely be accepted for creating a fabric toy.
 shred of a square shape
Prepare a shred of a square shape (not necessarily perfectly flat). Color and type of material do not matter. From motley or colorful fabric the toy will look more fancy. The size of the material also does not matter. The larger the flap, the larger the cat will come out. But the little cat looks sleeker.Although it may seem convenient to someone to start tinkering with a lot. In this homemade square was 18 x 18 cm.
 We fold the fabric diagonally
We fold the fabric diagonally.
The sides of the triangle are sealed with a "forward needle" seam, as shown in the photo. The length of the seam is about two-thirds of the sides.
 Turn out the triangle
We twist the triangle, hiding the seams inside. The trunk is almost ready. Angle 1 will be the head of the cat, corner 2 with its tail, the bottom corner, which is not sewn yet - future paws.  Fold the fabric so
Take the torso around the corner 1 , make out on the head ears. Bend the tip (1-1,5 cm) corner inside. Fold the fabric so that the seam line runs along the center of the flap and coincides with the back (the former hypotenuse). Now in the middle, like in the photo, make 2-3 tight stitches. Fasten and cut the thread.
 stuff the body with cotton wool
Generally fill the body with cotton wool (or sintepon). We make a small crease on the back of the cat to mark the curvature of the back. To fix the fold, sweep it in the middle with a pair of stitches.
 Two wax crayons
Two wax crayons are the paws of a cat. They can be replaced by a pair of pencils, or rather, their remnants, chopsticks for sushi, any sprigs suitable for thickness.
 Wrap in cloth
Take one piece of chalk, apply him to the edge of the fabric (the left tip "looks" at the cat's head). Wrap in cloth (2 tight turns).
 sew with light stitches
sew a fabric with full stitches to the full height of the paw with light stitches. We perform the same operation with the second chalk.
 Paws of crayons are added together
Paws of crayons are added together. We mask the non-exposed part of the corner, hiding inside. A couple of stitches behind the paws combine layers of fabric.
 make a fold
Make a fold from the non-sewn part of the fabric behind the paws,cross seam.
 Fasten it with a pair of stitches
Fasten it with a pair of stitches right and left.
 cat is almost ready
Prababushkin Kitty is almost ready.
 we embroider the eyes we create a mustache
Embroider on the muzzle eyes, mouth, we create s.
The work took about 20 minutes. I wanted to try to make the cat smaller. From the shred of the patterned fabric purr turned out like a fairy tale character.
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