Green Pharmacy on the window

Among the indoor plants also have medicinal. They not only treat internal diseases, but are also able to completely heal the atmosphere in the room.

Phytoncides emit

Medicinal herbs and plants photos
Medicinal herbs and plants photos

Volatile organic compounds emitted by plants have a detrimental effect on the growth and reproduction of many pathogens. Proper selection of plants emitting phytoncides, is able to completely heal the atmosphere in the room.

For example, from phytoncides - biologically active substances secreted by coniferous plants, ficus, pelargonium, monster, asparagus, rosemary, arrowroot, most of the pathogens in the room die.

Purify the air

Houseplants are unique air purifiers. Especially those who have a greater number of stomata (microscopic "cracks") on the leaves, through which the absorption of gaseous compounds from the air and the large surface of the leaf plate. So, it is established that an adult plantchlorophytumper day cleans the air in the 10-12-meter room by 80%.

If you have synthetic materials in your apartment (and this is almost certainly the case), their negative impact is neutralized by flowers that can take toxins from the air: fragrant dracaena, piperamia,roitsissus.


Houseplants containing essential oils have a positive effect on the person himself. The smell of eucalyptus, laurel and roses will help get rid of chronic fatigue. Aromacitruslowers blood pressure. Pelargonium fragrant helps with neurosis and insomnia. Myrtle improves mood. Rosemary stimulates memory.

Ionize the air

Recent scientific studies have shown that the most ordinary geranium (pelargonium) has an interesting property. It is capable of enriching room air with negatively charged oxygen ions. And after all, it is these ions that supply energy to the human body and it is a lot of them in the mountains, where it is so easy to breathe. Get some pelargonium or monstera, any ferns on your windowsill,saintpaulia (violet), - and you will not need widely advertised air ionizers.

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