Guerrilla gardening: a great method for the original flower bed

While avid gardeners come up with how to make their site more interesting, city dwellers have come up with their own entertainment. Those who are forced to spend the summer without leaving the city, seriously thought about making landscapes near the house and the work more beautiful. Unfortunately, neat lawns are centrally created only on the main streets. There is a way out - partisan gardening!

Thanks to this method, you can plant flowers not only in your garden! You can throw a couple of "bombs" at the entrance in front of a heavy downpour. And soon, instead of a vacant lot under the windows of city apartments, spontaneous beds will appear. Such flower diversions should be made in the fall or spring, in order to enjoy the results of their exploits in the summer.

For sunny places need some flowers, and for the dark - others. In this case, in the same bomb, you can combine the seeds of various plants with the same characteristics.

Mix the seeds prepared for planting with peat compost. Add some clay for a more stable shape. For a handful of seeds, you need to take five handfuls of compost with clay. Dilute the soil with water so that the "bombs" can be rolled up.

Dry the balls for 3-4 hours in the sun. It is important that they have a stable form, but do not dry out too much.

Time to go on a mission! Look for abandoned wastelands where there is no hint of beds. In the summer there will be a real flower garden!

Date: 09.10.2018, 09:38 / Views: 71532

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