Halloween drawings and applications

Drawings and applications for Halloween will certainly interest children of different ages. How to make an application for Halloween? What can come out of a typical pumpkin? Children enjoy watching cartoons and movies made in English-speaking countries where Halloween is in high esteem and they want to immerse themselves in its atmosphere.

The main attribute of Halloween is the human head carved out of a pumpkin (lantern Jack) This is what you can devote to creative work.

 Halloween patterns and applications Halloween patterns and applications

The simplest Halloween crafts with your own hands - these are drawings. To make it easier for kids to make a picture, make one Jack lantern out of a real pumpkin and put it as a sample. You can also show a picture of a pumpkin, drawing attention to its characteristic details.

 Figure pumpkin

Figure pumpkin

If the child is not good at drawing , invite him to color the coloring with the pumpkin.Thus, you can take a baby if his older brothers and sisters are engaged in more serious pre-holiday work.

An interesting option is to combine drawing and appliqué:

  1. Draw a pumpkin body, color it with characteristic colors
  2. From a black paper cut a large half-round mouth and small rectangular edges and a tail-cap, as well as small round pupils.
  3. From white paper cut round eyes and white narrow rectangular teeth.
     Drawing and application pumpkin Jack

    Drawing and application pumpkin Jack

Stick all the cut out details onto the drawing: first mouth and eyes, then eyebrows and tail, and only then teeth and pupils. It turns out cute face-pumpkin. If the body of a pumpkin is cut out of orange cardboard for such crafts, you will get a full-fledged bright appliqué pumpkin.

 Colored paper pumpkin

Colored paper pumpkin

 Halloween appliqué piece of paper

Halloween appliqué piece ofpaper

 Disposable plate application

Disposable plate application

Halloween Pumpkin Seed Application

Halloween application with pumpkin seeds

All paper crafts should be fixed on noticeable places - they will help to create a Halloween atmosphere at home.

If you have a lot of pumpkins, one can do a lot of simple but unusual jewelry, just having painted every pumpkins in bright colors. In this case, the integrity of the pumpkin peel is not broken, the paint does not get inside, which means that the vegetable remains completely edible.

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