Handy for March 8 in the nursery group

Handicraft for March 8 in the nursery group of the kindergarten is the real event for kids and great happiness for their loving mothers, who are very pleased and happy to see the first fruits of the crumbs, especially if they are presented as a surprise to a festive day.

Of course, the crafts on March 8 for the youngest should be distinguished by their simplicity and plainness. But you need to figure out how to make it as interesting and attractive as possible. A good variant of such a craft is an app from a palm.

 Crafts for March 8 in the nursery

Crafts for March 8 in the nursery

On March 8, you can turn the hands of the children into amazing flowers, which then the kids will give to their moms.

For work you will need:

a sheet of cardboard of any bright color and green cardboard;


simple pencil and scissors.

The work is done is very simple.

First, we circle l kids' badges on the back of the cardboard sheet,we do not go deep into the interdigital spaces — we simply stroke the fingers along the top.

 Outline the palm

Outline the palm

Cut out our drawing along the contour .

 Cutting out

Cutting out

We knead the clay well in our hands (babies can be suggested to pre-warm it with a stream of warm water). Then we pinch off small pieces and form balls of them. Kids can not cope with this task as easy as it sometimes seems at first glance. You need to show them how to roll the ball on the table or between the palms. We set the balls aside.

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