Handmade Apple Paste

Autumn apples ripen in home gardens. Some housewives grow semi-wild little fruits, others have large but sour green fruits. We are faced with the question of how to process this huge number of apples, which are not always sweet and tasty for consumption without processing. When the jam annoys, and the landlady gets tired of pruning, removing pits and cores, apple pastern will come to the rescue. This dessert to subdue your hearts!  Apple pastila handmade
If you were in the city of Kolomna, which is near Moscow, you could not not taste the famous Kolomna handmade pastil. Not only surprisingly tasty, but also useful, as it contains the best substances of apples: pectins, fiber, vitamins, iron. We suggest you cook something very similar at home.


  • Apples: 1 kilogram, or 8-10 large apples. Specified net weight, with peel and pits.
  • Sugar: 300 grams.
  • Sugar powder (for sprinkling).
Still useful: a large sieve, pan (preferably with a thick bottom), parchment for baking. br>


1 step. Wash the apples. For small fruits, you can not remove the core, and cut only into 4 parts, for large ones, cut all sides (skinned, but boneless). Put in a large saucepan, add a little water (about 50 ml), simmer on a small fire, stirring occasionally, until the apple mass turns into a puree. It takes about 20-25 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces of raw materials.
 Handmade apple pastila
Step 2. After softening the apples and turning them into a homogeneous mass, still reduce the heat, open the lid and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring.
 Apple handmade pastila
Step 3. Remove the apples from the heat, put in a large sieve and wipe.
 Handmade apple pastila
4 step. Add sugar. You can not add, but if apples are sour, it is better to add.
 Handmade apple pastila
5 step.Cover the baking sheet with parchment for baking, the piece of parchment should be solid, wide and set on the sides. Lightly oil the paper with vegetable oil. 6 step. Apple mass (about 700 g.) Put on parchment, spread evenly about 0.5 cm thick.
 Apple handmade pastila
7 step. In the oven, preheated to 70 degrees, put a pan. Preparing the pastille from 6 to 8 hours. If you have a timer in the oven, you will need to turn it on periodically. You can just check the time. It is better not to do this at night, because the pan should be periodically turned over (every 2 hours, for example). This is necessary so that the apple mass warms evenly from all sides.

How to understand that the pastila is ready?

The pastila is ready, if its thickness has decreased, the consistency has become more dense, and on the surface there were a few sweet sugar drops of syrup. In fact, heating in the oven simply draws out excess moisture from the product. The surface should be smooth and not stick to your hands. At a temperature of 70 degrees, the human hand can withstand touch. After 6.5-8 hours, remove the parchment from the oven, cool slightly. Pour a smooth surface with powdered sugar, turn the pastille over and carefully remove the parchment from it. If the edges are stuck, cut them: they can also be eaten. Cut into strips, roll into rolls. Can be fastened with toothpicks, sprinkled with powdered sugar for beauty. If some edge of pastila has not yet "grabbed" in the oven, cut it off and send it back to warm up. From one kilogram of apples I got 6 fairly thick rolls (3-4 cm thick, 5 cm long). The weight at the outlet is about 300-400 gr. The edges of the marshmallow, which are stuck to the parchment, can also be separated from the surface and eaten.


This unique handmade homemade candy will decorate any holiday table! For all its usefulness and original taste, it is also well preserved. Wrap it in parchment and cling film, put it in a cold place, reach out as needed.
 Handmade apple pastila
Perfect pastila for decorating desserts, cakes. Using a knife or stencils from this product, it is easy to cut letters or any other figurines. Although the marshmallow does contain sugar, it remains an excellent slimming dessert due to its high density and beneficial substances.
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