Hanger in STAR WARS style

Today I would like to tell you about an unusual and beautiful coat hanger that will appeal to all Star Wars fans and not only. It is done in the technique of string art. This type of art is becoming increasingly popular and, made in this style, can cost a couple of thousand rubles. Although in fact, there is nothing difficult in their manufacture. And such a craft is able to make any person who is able to hammer a nail into the board. Getting Started.


For the manufacture of this craft we need:
  • The board that will serve as the basis for future crafts . It is important that the thickness of the selected board is more than one centimeter.
  • Varnish for wooden products. But if you are satisfied with the color of the board, you can do without it.
  • The image you chose will be performed using the string art technique.
  • Scotch or Insulating tape.
  • Nails.
  • Threads for knitting. You can choose the number of colors.
  • Clothes hooks.
  • A pair of self-tapping screws for hooks.
  • Strong rope.
  • Thermal glue can also be useful.

Making clothes hangers in the style of STAR WARS

First we find on the Internetimage for manufacture. Best suited children's coloring. It is important that the image is large and not very complex (it is better not to choose images of people). Then we print it in the scale you need and find a board of suitable sizes.
Hanger in the style of STAR WARS
Now begins the processing of our base. Carefully process the edges and planes of the base to avoid splinters. Then we put a varnish and leave a basis to dry. After the varnish has completely dried, we mark the place for the image, with the expectation that there will be a place for hooks. Now, using tape or tape, we attach a printout of our image to the base.
Hanger in the style of STAR WARS
On the printout on the contour of the image with a pencil, mark the places where you will hammer nails, and then we pierce this place with an awl.
Hanger in the style of STAR WARS
It is important that the nails are not located too close to each other, so it is better to retreat from each notch by a distance of one centimeter or more.When the marking is finished, carefully remove the printout from the base. It is time to hammer nails. To nails located at the same depth, you can cut a strip of thick cardboard or plastic, the height of which will be the distance at which the nail head will be above the base. If you use too long nails, then make sure that the nail does not break through the board, otherwise our handicraft on the reverse side will not look very presentable. After you have hammered all the nails, you can attach hooks to the base with self-tapping screws, or do it at the end (make sure that the length of the self-tapping screws does not exceed the thickness of the board). Now we are starting to fill the future image with threads.
Hanger in the style of STAR WARS
To do this, we tie a thread to a nail on any knot and for reliability you can fix this knot with hot melt. Then we draw this thread to the opposite end of the image, where this color is still there, we trace the thread around the nail and proceed to the next one, so we fill the areas with the desired color.
Hanger in the style of STAR WARS
If you think that the area is already sufficiently filled, then cut the thread and tie it with a knot on the nearest nail. When you fill the image areas with the necessary colors, then at the very end you need to make a black outline of the image with a black thread, this is necessary to make the image clearer, and to delimit areas of different colors. The image is ready. Now you can think about how to fix our crafts on the wall.
Hanger in the style of STAR WARS
I did it in the following way: I took the rope, measured the required length, drilled two images in the upper part of the craft at a certain distance from each other, threading through the holes and tying it in a knot, I got a simple coat hanger that can be hung on any screw in the wall.

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