Heating equipment in each house

Most homes are not connected to the central heating system. The right choice of heating equipment will make the nest warm and cozy. Best of all, the boiler will cope with this task. They are of various kinds and have their own characteristics.

Types of boilers by energy source

The source that provides the heating system with energy, largely determines its effectiveness. According to this indicator, boilers are divided into several types.

  1. Gas boilers are distinguished by low fuel consumption, safety, reliability and low price. This type of equipment is most common. The only drawback is the waste from the combustion process.
  2. Dual-fuel boilers operate on the basis of replaceable burners. Each of them allows you to use a different type of fuel, combining or changing them alternately.
  3. Solid fuel boilers are installed in areas with a missing gas pipeline.Firewood, coal, peat, etc. can be used as raw materials.
  4. Devices on liquid fuel in their performance are not inferior to gas. Their difference is that the quality of the raw material is solarium. The unit is suitable for heating rooms in the absence of gas.
  5. Modern, but expensive option - electric boilers. They are characterized by high performance, but are used less frequently than others. The equipment is completely safe and environmentally friendly. Such boilers do not pollute the atmosphere and are easy to use.

Boilers by type of installation

Boiler models are distinguished depending on the method of mounting.

  • Wall Mounted.

Acceptable to create an individual heating system in apartments, houses. Devices sparingly consume water and fuel. The boilers are easy to install due to compact dimensions, small weight.

  • Outdoor.

Requires compliance with safety standards and a separate boiler room. The size of the units is quite impressive, as well as the price. The equipment is suitable for heating large areas, production facilities.

Where to buy?

The range of the online shop Gorvozdukh includes high-quality electric, gas and solid fuel boilers of foreign and domestic production. The company ensures timely delivery throughout Ukraine, as well as guarantees the return of goods within 14 days.

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