Help me choose a refrigerator

Tell me what you can think of which refrigerator to take to the kitchen, if there is very little space? Maybe there are some compact options, but with normal spaciousness?
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It makes no sense to put a little, because you will have no place to put the products. I think you'd better buy a Bosch built-in fridge.
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Or maybe you need to make a rearrangement of furniture in the kitchen, remove the excess, and a normal-sized refrigerator will fit.
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Stanislav Karpov
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I did it differently, at first I also wanted to put it in the kitchen, but in the end I made some space in the corridor, and it was even more convenient.
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Compact options are for example for installation (but this technique is more expensive than usual).You can remove one closet floor and free up space, or alternatively, it is permissible in the corner of the wall to make a technique (again) built into each other. For example: from the bottom of the cabinet, on top of the oven - in my home and done. In the link below you can pack to your taste the kitchen as an option
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Victoria Scherbakova
������������Victoria Scherbakova
������������Answered on February 8, 2017 01:36
I have Samsung, very good. I bought in the store, look, there are a lot of refrigerators, maybe something will suit you, well, and as an option, embedded appliances.
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Tomara Yunusova
������������Tomara Yunusova
������������Answered on February 11, 2017 23:09
Bought in, there is a big selection. The manager told me about all the advantages and helped determine the model, bought an inexpensive VEKO.

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