Highlighting car doors

Often, leaving the car, hunting to see where you put your foot, especially in rainy weather. In addition, dropping something on exit, you have to look for it in total darkness - it's about those cars that do not have door lighting. And here's how to fix this flaw. We will need: • Diode tape (waterproof) - 2 pieces 30 cm each; • wire - 5 m; • terminals “father-mother »- 4 pairs; • soldering iron; • insulating tape; • transparent glue-sealant.  We will need
First you need to prepare modules to highlight. To do this, we take the diode tape and solder it from one of the ends along the wire to each of the two contacts ("+" and "-"). It will be enough to make each wire 15 cm long. We do the same with the second tape section. After fixing the wires, fill the soldering point with sealant.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/1/775-zalivaem-germetikom.jpg" alt="fill with sealant" title="fill with sealant">
For convenience of installation and dismantling, we make the module removable: the ends of the wires of the tapes are equipped with the terminals "mother".Accordingly, we are also preparing 4 wires with papa terminals.
 make the module removable
The backlight modules are ready, go to the installation. Installation is quite simple: first remove the door skin, then we draw from each door through the loops of 2 wires (those that were with the terminals "dad", the terminals should remain sticking out of the door). This is “+” and “-” for our backlighting. We extend both pluses to any permanent plus in the car (for example, fasten it to the plus wire of the cigarette lighter). Each of the negative wires of the illumination we cling to the corresponding terminal in the door (right door - right limit switch, left - left). This is done so that each door is illuminated independently of the others. We connect the diode tapes to the male terminals and check the operation. If everything shines as it should, we boldly fasten the tape to the casing from the bottom and fasten the casing in place.
 Backlight modules ready
 we fasten the tape to the skin
check the glow of the tape Now you don’t have to get out of the car at random in the dark and your shoes will stay clean. Successful implementation!
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