History of the development of carpet weaving and the main types of handmade carpets

The main types of "manual" carpets

Felt Covers

This category includes products with a mosaic pattern and felted carpets. In the manufacture of coatings with a felted pattern, dyed and combed non-spun wool is used. The pattern appears on the surface of the coating by means of colored wool. In this case, the hairs of different colors are tied together in the process of felting. This feature guarantees the strength of the finished product, which is characterized by high aesthetics.

Mosaic products are created from individual elements of different colors, which are stitched together with each other, taking into account the features of the product pattern. Areas where the elements are connected, grind monochrome or color braid. With its help, the period of operation of the product is significantly increased.Due to the fact that the pattern is created from the finished felt, which is only then stitched, the pattern of the carpet does not change with time.

Woven cover

Depending on the production technology, woven coverings are divided into: lint-free, tufted, terry. Carpet fabric is made of knitted yarns that are perpendicular to each other.

A feature of creating lint-free products is that the warp threads located along the length of the cover are closed with weft - threads that are located along the width. Thus, a carpet pattern is created. The surface of the lint-free carpets is perfectly smooth, and the design is identical on both sides.

On the front side of pile carpets there are small knots of wool yarn, connected between frame threads for every two strands that run along the entire length of the product. Multicolored nodules are connected across the width of the coating and cut off as smoothly as possible. The density of such carpets depends on the number of knots on the surface of the coating. The density of the coating also affects the complexity of the artwork.

Terry carpets are manufactured using the same manufacturing technology as pile products, except that knots are put much less frequently. In this case, the length of the pile on the carpet can vary in the range of 15 - 40 mm. Because of this, the coatings are extremely soft and aesthetic.

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