Holybirths from LEDs and batteries

Materials and tools:

  1. LEDs;
  2. 3V batteries;
  3. Scotch;
  4. epoxy glue;
  5. magnets.

Step 1

Take the LED and battery. We attach the "+" LED to the "+" battery and, accordingly, "-" to "-". The LED has a longer “+”.

If necessary, shorten the wires of the LEDs with scissors or nippers. Then we attach the contacts of the LEDs to the battery and fix it with tape. Contacts are well pressed and tightly wound with tape several turns. The main thing is that the LED does not flicker, but burns constantly.

Step 2

It remains to fix the magnet. We take a small magnet and wind it with tape to the battery. If necessary, then drip a little epoxy glue.

Repeating these two steps, make the right amount of fireflies. To make the backlight more beautiful, we use multi-colored LEDs.

We decorate the room with fireflies, after the event we disassemble the lamps, removing the adhesive tape.

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