Homemade Barometer

I can't always buy a barometer, so I want suggest a home barometer design that will show atmospheric pressure with some precision.        Thebarometer(seepicture)consistsofabottlewithclearglass,aglasstubeandacork.Thebottleisfilledwithwaterbyonethird,itisbettertotakedistilledwater,sincetheusualonewillbloominayear.Watercanbeslightlytinted.Aholeismadeintheplugintowhichtheglasstubeisinserted.Thejunctionsiteiscoveredwithclay.Itnowremainstoplugthebottlewithacork.Barometerisready.Whentheatmosphericpressurebeginstochange,thewaterlevelinthetubechanges.Ifairbubblesstarttoemergefromthetube,thenthepressureisveryhigh,andthisistoclearstableweather,atthattimethereisagoodbiting.Ifthewaterbeginstopouroutthroughthetopofthetube,thepressureislow,youcanwaitforthestorm,youshouldnotgofishing.  2 METHOD:
The simplest barometer with your own hands
This barometer can be made from a small tin can with parallel sides. Choose a cork that would tightly cover the single hole of the future barometer. Before you put the cork in place, it is necessary to make a hole of such diameter in it to allow a transparent straw-tube for cocktails to pass through it. However, it is better to use a glass tube with an inner diameter of 1.5–2.0 mm. A container of 2/3 is filled with tinted water, a tube with a stopper is inserted into the hole, and>should contain a little bit of the same colored water. When the atmospheric pressure rises, the level of liquid in the tube will rise, and vice versa.
Mount this barometer on a stand with a vertical ruler. You can calibrate it by taking readings from a real barometer. Instead of a metal container, you can use any small glass bottle.After filling with tinted water and installing a tube with a tube, add a little water to the tube. As the body of the barometer is hard, with increasing pressure the water level will decrease, with decreasing it will increase. 3 METHOD: Barometer from a blown light bulb
Take a blown electrical  lightbulb and where the base with the threaded part begins, carefully drill a small hole with a diameter of 2-3 mm. This should be done very carefully, otherwise the balloon may crack or break. Here is the easiest way to drill glass. At the point where you marked the hole, put a drop of engine or sunflower oil. Take the abrasive powder from the medium-grained sandpaper and pour it onto the oil drop to get a viscous paste, a bit lighter than the toothpaste. Then clamp copper wire in the drill chuck. Its diameter should match the size of the hole you want to drill. The lamp base gently clamp in a vise. A glass flask wrap a towel or cloth. Drill need very carefully, applying a minimum force. When the hole is drilled, fill it with tap water, filling the glass flask to half.Then add two or three drops of ink or a piece of pencil lead to it and mix. The barometer is ready. It remains to wait until the inner wall of the flask dries out, and suspend the barometer between the window frames. Best from the north, where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. If the windows are facing south, set it at the top of the window. After a few hours you can take readings. Our barometer can predict the weather for a day quite full. Cloudy or partly cloudy weather awaits us, or it will rain a little, prolonged, short, maybe thundery ... But you need to know some features in order to decipher the readings: If the inner walls  lightbulbs  covered with small drops condensed water - tomorrow there will be full clouds, but no precipitation.
If the walls of the light bulb were covered with drops with one size, and between them formed vertical dry bands - partly cloudy.
and the walls are partially covered with large drops of dew - wait for short-term precipitation.And from top to bottom, and drops, enlarged, flow down - there will be a thunderstorm.
Large drops only at the surface of the water, and the neck of the light bulb is dry - the rain will pass by, 30-60 km from your place.
It was raining outside the window, and the walls of the lightbulb were completely dry, without fog and droplets — great weather would set in tomorrow. And if there were drops of dew only on the northern side of the bottle, wait for a rain tomorrow afternoon. Of course, by zovatsya this barometer can only be achieved if the temperature is above zero, that is, in the spring, summer and early autumn. Remember Me? You can now surprise your home and compete with professional meteorologists.

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