Housing for LEGO style flash drive

In the life of a flash drive, sometimes there comes a time when its body begins to break. Unfortunately, this situation has happened to me. All anything, but the lack of a case for a flash often leads to a shortening of life or a complete exit from a standing device. At first there was an option to roll everything up with tape or tape, but many flash drives heat up during operation, and the glue of these tapes is not heat resistant. And suddenly the thought occurred to me not only to make the protection of the device, but also to provide a creative look. Let's get started! We will need: * some LEGO cubes and plates for them * a candle or a lighter for heating the tool * matches * knife (or medical scalpel) * fine skin on a bar * flash disk (preferably small) * cyanoacrylate-based superglue (available at a hardware store) * remains of the past (as needed) * gloves (for protection against glue)
First you need to prepare a cube.If you have a small flash drive, you can use the 4x2 block, if simple, then you have to select another cube. Next, with a hot knife, make a neat hole for the USB connector.  Cut a hole
It should be no more and no less than a connector, otherwise the product will look ugly and the flash drive will be to hang out in the case. Finished hole Through the hole, cut out some insides in the LEGO block so that there is a place for a flash inside. If possible, you can modify the file, but do not process the product with a flash drive, because it threatens the breakdown of the entire device.
 prepare a place for the connector
 remove the waste from the cube

After, insert the flash drive into the cube and glue the plate in the bottom of the cube with a small amount of cyacrine to close the product.  Insert the USB flash drive into a new one case If the USB flash drive is flat and fails in the USB port,then you can glue the lining from the parts of the old case.  Cut the lining from the old case
Glue the lining
And that's it! The creative flash drive is ready! Finished product The case for a flash drive in the style of LEGO
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