How and when to plant a freesia in open ground

Freesia is popular with gardeners for its pleasant smell and variety of color. After acquiring the bulbs of this plant, before planting, they must be soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 8-10 hours. Because of its heat-loving freesia planted in open ground no earlier than mid-May, when all the frosts pass.

For planting freesia choose the brightest place. The soil should be very fertile and loose. It should be dominated by trace elements such as potassium and phosphorus. Therefore, the ideal option would be to add compost, which is mixed with a small amount of fertilizer and humus. Plants are planted in rows or staggered. The distance between them should not be less than 5-7 cm. The depth of planting varies depending on the type of soil. On light soils, the bulb is buried by 7-8 cm, and on medium ones - by 4-5 cm. After planting, the soil is mulched with peat. This will preserve the necessary amount of moisture in the earth for the development and growth of plants. At this point, freesia requires abundant and constant watering.Phosphate fertilizers must be applied during planting. But at the moment of leaf development, the freesia is fed with nitrogenous fertilizers. Moreover, any fertilizer should be applied only in a dry form, since the freesia does not tolerate soil salinity.

Usually these flowers begin to bloom in August - September. After the end of flowering corms freesia dig up and removed for winter storage.

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