How beautiful to wear a scarf: 8 fashion ideas for your wardrobe!

Autumn is an amazing time of the year when you want to plunge into warm clothes, pleasant conversations and unforgettable adventures. Today we will share with you simple secrets that will bring diversity to your autumn wardrobe.

How beautiful to wear a ball

  1. Scarf necklace for many fashionistas is no longer a novelty. This element of the wardrobe will decorate even the most boring outfit.
  2. A long stole is ideal for girls who are always freezing. It needs only a few times to wrap it around the neck.
  3. Incredibly stylish looks stole tucked under the belt of an autumn coat or jacket. Try this method, you'll definitely like it!
  4. Tie a tippet over a coat in such a way that you are not afraid of inclement weather.
  5. It is worth a little practice to tie a pigtail on a scarf.
  6. Use additional accessories to keep your tippet or scarf from falling off.
  7. Another great way to tie a scarf for those who are forever freezing.
  8. Also stole can be tied in the form of a turban or turbans.

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