How beautifully folded napkins?

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How beautifully folded napkins?

A plain paper napkin is part of the set table. But if you give vent to fantasy, then you can make an unusual designer element out of it that will decorate a laid table. Why not create something individual? A few manipulations - and your table will become more stylish, will give a special festive mood and will delight guests.

Therefore, in this article we consider the question of how beautifully folded paper napkins.

Types of folded napkins

Let's start with the simplest version, which is called �Fan�.

  1. Fold the napkin in half.
  2. Fold it across the table.
  3. Now it is necessary to fold it on the right side with an accordion, but not to the full length, but three quarters.
  4. After that, the side where the accordion was going is laid down on the table. That is, the napkin rolls over.
  5. The design is bent in half, so that there is both an accordion and an unfolded part on both sides.
  6. Now this most unfolded part must be folded diagonally so that its part has already entered between the folds of the accordion.
  7. Then you can put the folded napkin upright and straighten the folded harmonica with a fan.Napkins

New Year's option

It is necessary to decorate the New Year's table. And be sure to use something in the style of the New Year. Therefore, many may have a questionHow to fold napkins for the New Year's table? Here is a very simple instruction diagram.

  1. Take the usual square multi-layered napkin.
  2. Put it to yourself a corner where all the open corners are collected.
  3. Now you need to peel the napkin, bending the corners each separately. Please note that the distance between the bends should be 1.5 centimeters. The bend line should be parallel to the folded paper diagonal.
  4. Fold all the corners, smooth them with your hand and turn the napkin upside down. The sharp end of the design should look at you.Napkins
  5. Now bend the edges of the napkin so that the fold line of each curved part starts from the middle of the top edge. So fold both opposite parts. They should overlap with each other. Fix the fold lines well, walking your hand over them.
  6. Reverse the napkin with the back side facing you.
  7. Before you almost ready Christmas tree. It remains only to bend the corners (they, as expected, four). Try to bend so that the very edge of the corner went beyond the edge of the fold.
  8. Such a napkin Christmas tree can be decorated by wearing small beads or snowflakes on it.
  9. Put it right on the plate, it will attract the attention of the guest, who will definitely be in a good mood.

Maple Leaf

There is another very original and simple option that will appeal to many.

  1. Fold the napkin in half.
  2. Top right corner fold to the bottom edge. It turns cut corner.
  3. Raise the bottom corner to the center of the napkin so that a sticking corner forms on the right side in the center. Before you like rocket,Napkinslying on the ground.
  4. Do the same with the opposite side.
  5. Before you is a square standing on a corner (diagonally).
  6. Now turn the upper corners down just below the middle of the fold.
  7. Form these two folds and open the corners in the form of ovals.
  8. Now take the ring and insert the bottom corner of the napkin into it. Narrow the corner a little and pull it inside the ring.
  9. See how beautiful it turned out.

There are so many variations on the theme of folding paper napkins that in oneHow beautifully folded napkins?article about everything and do not tell. We tried to give step-by-step instructions to the simplest, in our opinion, schemes that anyone can learn. But from the fact that they are simple, he did not become less beautiful or not original.

As life has shown, it is important attention to man. A beautifully folded napkin not only decorates the festive table, but also indicates that special attention was paid to the guest.

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