How cleaning the house can change your life

Bestseller Marie Kondo “Life-changing magic of putting things in order: The Japanese art of getting rid of unnecessary things and organizing space” really changed the life of Emily Clay, the owner of a house in Oregon. According to her, after reading the book, she got rid of the “ton” of clothes and books, and although she loves to go shopping, Marie Kondo’s advice kept her from re-hammering all the shelves and cabinets. “This book has completely changed my view of things,” she says. “If I don’t like a thing, if I’ve never used it, read it or wore it, I’ll get rid of it without thinking.”

We are waiting for changes!

However, the definition of "life-changing", perhaps, is too bold. Life changes events such as marriage, birth, death, relocation. Cleaning, even capital, does not fall under my idea of ​​global change, but the attitude to the house of Mari Kondo’s ideas change beyond doubt.

Two key rules

After many years of practice, a Japanese space organization specialist has developed her own method. The essence is simple, but it can be incredibly difficult to apply (I say from personal experience), because people do not want to part with their own things.

So, the two key installations of Marie Kondo's method boil down to the fact that only those things that fill the heart with joy should be kept at home. And in the process of cleaning it is necessary to work not with rooms, but with categories of things.

Keep what you love

Kondo quite often uses the phrase “sparkle with joy,” referring to dear things. In summary, we can conclude: if you do not like a thing, get rid of it. The difficulty is, as they say, to separate the wheat from the chaff and to distinguish the concepts of "happiness" and "affection". In his book, Kondo offers a fairly tough way to help do this.

Deal with things, not rooms

One of the main ideas that distinguishes Kondo's method from all others, says that to disassemble things should be in categories. For example, instead of cleaning the dressing room, you need to deal with all the clothes that are in the house.

Usually it is stored in several places: in the dressing room, dressers and wardrobes of bedrooms and nurseries, in the hallway and even in the attic. Experience Marie Kondo showed that if you clean up in each room separately, it will be an endless process. Therefore, everything that is in the house should be divided into categories and deal with each of them. On the first page of his work, the author writes: “First you have to reject all unnecessary, and then clean up the whole house once and for all.”

How cleaning the house can change your life

Cleaning step by step

Meet Marie Kondo at the beginning of the cleaning in the dressing room of one of her clients. In her world, the path to purity and order begins with the idea of ​​how you want to live. In her interview, she described this process in stages.

1. Think about what an ideal life is.In other words, how you want to live.

2. Collect things of the same type and put them together.For example, put all the clothes on the floor. Kondo proposes to start with clothes, then take up books and, finally, documents.

3. Ask yourself if each thing radiates joy.“Take the thing in your hand, feel it and try to feel if there is joy in it,” writes Kondo.

4. Sort things and put them in place.Choose a suitable place for each item in advance.

It seems too easy, right? But Kondo believes that the method is difficult because many of us fill things with emotions. Sometimes we become attached to things that we don’t like, simply because we were given them. We let books and papers pile up on the table in the hope that someday we will read them. We flatly refuse to throw away unsuccessful purchases, because we regret the money spent. “The essence of my method is to impartially look at my own good and decide what is really important of all the accumulated over many years,” writes Kondo.

Now you understand how difficult it is. In response to all doubts, Kondo quotes the words of Princess Elsa from Cold Heart: let go and forget.

How cleaning the house can change your life

BEFORE:This is a photograph of the room of one of the Kondo clients before cleaning. For many of us, shelves packed to capacity and endless packages with things are a familiar picture. And Marie Kondo has seen such a hundred times. It encourages people to forget those things that overwhelm the cabinets (since they are hidden there, it means that no one needs them), not to become attached to objects that may be needed “someday” (for Kondo “someday”means "never"), and be sure to give your things to those who need them, so as not to feel guilty for the fact that you get rid of them.

How cleaning the house can change your life

AFTER:The same room after cleaning by the Kondo method. The publisher was worried that photographs of the homes of Japanese Kondo customers might frighten Europeans. And in fact, after the table was moved to another room, and most things were thrown away, this room seems empty.

However, the fact that one person seems spartan, another will call ideal. Here's how Kondo describes his own house: "At home, I feel a sense of bliss, even the air seems fresh and cleaner. In the evenings, I like to sit in silence and think about the past day after a cup of herbal tea. Looking around, I see a picture that I love very much and a vase with flowers in the corner of the room. My house is small, and it contains only those things that have a place in my heart. This lifestyle brings me joy every day. ”

How cleaning the house can change your life

BEFORE:This Tokyo cuisine is waiting for a magical transformation. Imagine the difficulties with her mistress!

How cleaning the house can change your life

AFTER:The same kitchen after work Marie Kondo.A radical transformation, right?

But what about considerations of necessity?

“Many people find it difficult to follow the rules of Marie Kondo,” said Kaylee Whitworth, a specialist in space organization and director of Closeted from San Francisco. “I like some of her ideas, but not all of them work.” How, for example, to put into practice the idea that only those things that cause joy should be kept? “Every home is full of things that have no relation to happiness, but are simply necessary,” says Kaylie.

Kondo speaks about the necessary things, but her definition of the necessary goes further than the usual ideas. For example, what to do with textbooks and equipment manuals? They can be found on the Internet. Books that you have not read? Give back, you will never read them anyway. Gifts from loved ones that you do not use? Free yourself from them too.

How cleaning the house can change your life

A real example from California

Kaylee is sure that many people are not easy to follow the advice of Kondo. Not to be unfounded, we turned to Suzy Shoaf, a San Francisco resident who won a free consultation, Marie Kondo, for help.In this picture you can see Suzy (left) in her 84 square meter house. m during a meeting with Marie Kondo.

How cleaning the house can change your life

This is a photograph of Suzy’s living room after Marie Condo’s visit. “You can laugh, but I’m really going to get organized for a long time,” says Susie, who heard about Marie Kondo’s method but did not read her book. - Many things I inherited from my parents, and I myself also like to collect finds from flea markets. Things piled up until the house became difficult to move around. With this, it was necessary to urgently do something. ”

How cleaning the house can change your life

BEFORE:Although Suzy usually takes books in the library, she has a weakness for albums on art and design, as well as guides to foreign countries. That was how her bookcase looked like before it started to get out with Kondo.

How cleaning the house can change your life

The prospect of getting rid of her many things scared Suzy a little, but she knew she could keep what she truly loved, and that thought reassured her.

How cleaning the house can change your life

“She began by removing all the books from all the shelves on the first and second floor,” said Susie, who herself was shocked at how many books she actually had (in her book, Kondo cites many similar examples).“She didn’t judge me,” continues Suzy. "But when I saw how many books I had accumulated, I realized that I wanted to cope with this avalanche and with all my heart took the method of Marie."

How cleaning the house can change your life

"Before analyzing, Kondo patted every book and said that she wakes them up," recalls Suzie. - Then we sat on the sofa and began to take one book after another. Through the translator, Marie asked me about each book if it radiates joy. If I said “yes,” we put the book in one pile, if “no” - in another. That day we looked at 300 books and got rid of 150. ”

When all the books were dismantled, Kondo offered to bow to the books with which it was decided to say goodbye and thank them.

In his book, Kondo says that thanking things for service is an important part of parting with them. “When you say“ thank you ”to things that served you faithfully, you get rid of the guilt for throwing them away, and you feel grateful for the things you were allowed to stay in,” she writes.

How cleaning the house can change your life

AFTER:The idea that you can throw away so many books confuses many. But whatever you think, confess: now this bookcase looks much better.“I took seven boxes of books to the Library Friends Fund (San Francisco non-profit organization that accepts book donations - ed.). For me it means a lot. And I’m sure that, as paradoxical as it may sound, the analysis of each individual book accelerated the process and helped me understand which of them are really important, ”Suzy says.

How cleaning the house can change your life

BEFORE:The difference can be seen on all racks in the house. In this picture you see a bookcase on the second floor. Suzy says that there has always been a mess.

How cleaning the house can change your life

AFTER:When Suzy and Marie took apart the books and left only the most beloved, there was enough space on the shelves for photographs and decorative objects. And, importantly, they are now better seen.

“The books that you liked when you bought them may eventually become useless. “Information in books, articles and documents does not last long,” says Kondo. “When you put only books on the shelves that make you happy, it’s easier for you to understand that you don’t need the rest.” And then everything is simple: the smaller the books on the shelf, the easier it is to maintain order. ”

How cleaning the house can change your life

The same principle works with clothes.Pull out of the cabinets all that is there, select the most favorite and get rid of the rest.

How cleaning the house can change your life

BEFORE:Suzy really wanted Marie to show her her method of folding clothes. In this picture you see one of the chest drawers before cleaning.

How cleaning the house can change your life

AFTER:The same box! Kondo advises stacking things not on top of one another, but vertically, or, as she herself says, "standing." In her opinion, this is the only way to keep order and quickly clean up what you need.

How cleaning the house can change your life

Another tip: fold things into compact rectangles.

How cleaning the house can change your life

Suzie demonstrates this method on the blouse: "Wrap the long sides of the blouse or T-shirt inside and take out the sleeves to get a long rectangle.

How cleaning the house can change your life

Now grasp the narrow side of the rectangle and fold it in half. Continue to fold the thing twice or three times until it diminishes enough to accurately “stand” in the drawer next to the other things. ”

“Now my drawers look beautiful on both the inside and the outside,” Susie laughs.

How cleaning the house can change your life


Does it really work?

So, we return to the question in the title of this article: Can cleaning change our lives?

Of course, Kondo thinks he can.“The whole point of my method is to teach people to understand what is important in their life and what is not,” says Marie. "Following my advice, you will understand what kind of things make you feel happy, which means you will know exactly what you need for happiness."

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