How do parrots breed?

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How do parrots breed?

The most popular pets from the class of birds are parrots. Incredibly curious, unique, charismatic, intelligent birds that can whistle tunes and reproduce human speech.

The parrots immediately gained popularity due to their bright, unusual plumage. But they were the prerogative of only the highest nobility. When crossing the ocean, most birds died on the ship. For this reason, and began to breed birds in captivity. In Belgium and Holland, the first bird farms opened in 1845.

Reproduction of parrots at home

Anyone can now purchase such wonderful birds. You can get chicks by yourself at home, by creating the right conditions that will contribute to the proper breeding of parrots. It is necessary to adhere to certain established rules for breeding small chicks. There are both general and individual rules for breeding a certain type of chicks.

How parrots actually breed

In order for the parrots to multiply, they need to be sexually mature. This is one of the prerequisites, since very old and very young birds simply will not be able to give healthy and strong offspring. Strictly prohibited during obesity, molting or breeding disease of parrots. Neglect of this cherished and very significant rule can result in the death of your bird.

When preparing birds for breeding, it is necessary to increase vitamin feed for nutrition. These are greens, fruit, germinated grain. It is also necessary to introduce in the diet of food, which contain a large amount of mineral salts.

How wavy parrots breed

For reproduction of wavy parrots need a fairly spacious cage, so that the pair was spacious and nothing hindered. In special rooms or cages, you can breed several pairs of the same species. Nests should be at the same height, because birds like to occupy higher nests. In the room should not be alone, and the nests should be more than the number of pairs of parrots. The most beloved, widespread and affordable are lovebirds, Karelians and wavy parrots. They are not whimsical. Sexual maturity of these birds comes as early as 1 year and lasts up to 9 years.The general conditions that are important for all birds are enough for their reproduction. If you are interested in how wavy parrots breed, the video will tell you much more - this is a fun, interesting sight. Parrots belong to collective birds, it is worth breeding them in aviaries and in the amount of not more than 10 pairs. But lovebirds can live their lives in a small flock.

So you learned how parrots breed, video on the Internet will be able to tell you in detail about it.

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