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If you are not satisfied with the shape of your eyebrows or they have a dull color, the tattoo of the eyebrows will correct this problem. It is performed in two techniques - �hair� and �soft feathering�. �Hair tattoo� is when the master draws strokes of a certain size and color at the place of your eyebrows, as if imitating hairs. Such eyebrows look natural, and, even at close range, strangers will not understand that you have a tattoo. Unlike the hair technique, the shading looks quite saturated, especially immediately after the procedure. It is performed by applying solid lines, creating the effect of tinted eyebrows.
During everyday life, the lipstick is erased, the lips fade, and the contour loses a clear outline, a woman with such lips looks just unkempt. If you want to correct the shape of the lips, the size or change their color, you can make a tattoo of the lips. There are four types of tattooing lips. �Only contour� is a tattoo technique for women who just want to emphasize the contour of their lips.�Contour with shading� - the contour of the lips is highlighted with a bright or approximate the color of the lips. �Permanent lipstick� is a lip filling tattoo technique. It will help to forget about lipstick for several years. Technique "light Kayal" - the master tints the skin under or above the lip. Due to this, the lips visually increase.
Not every woman since birth has thick eyelashes or a beautiful cut eyes. Eyelid tattoo can create the illusion of fluffy eyelashes, resize the eye and much more. There are three varieties. "Cross-eyelid tattooing the century" - filling the space between the cilia with pigment paint, the master does not go beyond the line of their growth, thereby creating the effect of thick and beautiful eyelashes. �Contour Technique� - the master performs this tattoo of the eyelids by drawing arrows, the eyes look �always made up� with a clear line of eyeliner. There are many variants of arrows, you can choose the shape and width, the line can be barely noticeable or oily, as well as the beginning and end of the tip. The least used technique is the �tattooing of the eyelids with feathering�. It differs little from the previous one, only the lines are blurred, creating the effect of the painted eyes with shadows.With such a tattoo of the eyes, a woman can no longer experiment with her makeup, if you only apply it very brightly to paint over the tattoo.
Of course, you will look irresistible only if the tattoo is made qualitatively, by a qualified specialist with extensive experience. It is not necessary in order to save money to apply to pseudomasters. Such a procedure should be performed under sterile conditions, so that you do not regret and do not suffer from skin infections. Before you visit the salon, go to the doctor, make sure that you have no contraindications for tattoo.
With proper care for a tattoo of complications, as a rule, no. Only after tattooing the lips can herpes get out, so before the procedure, the client takes a prophylactic course of Gerpevir or Acyclovir, but this does not always help. How to properly care for the tattooed places will tell you the master in the salon, as well as invite you to tattoo correction. Correction is needed if you have not tripled the final result of the work, or simply want to edit something. For about a week, the skin will peel off, so it is advisable to lubricate your face with cream at least once a day. You can not sunbathe and visit saunas and baths, as well as use facial scrubs.

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