How life kills design: 10 mistakes we make at home

Ironing board in sight, colorful towels, a treadmill in the room - we tell you what other household objects and habits are actually incompatible with the designer interior

When we receive from the designer a visualization that completely suits us, we often forget or do not think that in the process of interior occupancy we ourselves also destroy this “picture”. We will tell you about 10 common mistakes and share tips on how to fix them.

1. Magnets on the fridge

Most often, when you come to photograph a finished object, you just have to remove the magnets: these small elements bring visual confusion to any interior.

How to avoid it? There may be several solutions. The first is to ask the designer in advance to provide a board for magnets and a place for its placement. The second option is to cover part of the wall or the whole surface with a special paint "Magnetic board".To it it will be possible to fix magnets - and they precisely become an interesting accent in an interior.

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2. Souvenirs from different countries

Souvenirs are practically the same thing as magnets in the kitchen, but here's the bad luck: do not attach them to a magnetic board. It needs a structure. Which one? It's simple. Most often the country or city from which you brought souvenirs has its own symbol. And as a rule, this is an architectural structure. Buy them in one size, that is, about the same size.

Thus, it is not possible to scatter architectural masterpieces of the world in cabinets and shelves in a chaotic manner, but to structure them into a whole street, creating a collection that definitely will not be overlooked.

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3. Dishwashing liquid

Cleaners on the mind - another problem, which occurs in almost all. But what to do - they really should be at hand. The only way out is to pour all these funds into beautiful dispensers and containers selected for the interior.

If you are still at a happy design stage, ask the designer to provide an integrated money storage system in the sink so that there is nothing at all on the surface.

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4. Ironing board

For some reason, very often the owners simply do not clean it.Although it has long been invented options for its stationary storage and quick collection, but today it remains a place for storing things.

To avoid this, in advance provide a place for ironing in the dressing room or laundry. And make it boring - let a TV or a music center appear next to you. And if there are no such places, then you can use the design findings, as in the example.

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5. Shoes in the hallway

Often, designers forget to provide a large number of places to store shoes. And the apartment owners are more often interested in where their outerwear will hang. And the fact that we get a hall with a huge amount of seasonal shoes as a result does not bother anyone at the beginning of the design.

It is best to provide separate shoes and functional stools or ottomans with drawers - each seat will be used. Well, do not forget to remove seasonal shoes.

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6. Color towels in the bathroom

When we see the project of our future bathroom, we do not pay attention that in the presented visualizations there will be no multi-colored towels to which we are accustomed. Rather, they will maintain the color in the interior or become a thoughtful bright color spot.

Tip: Gradually replace all towels with plain ones.And to distinguish where someone is, you can sew on each first letter of the name.

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7. Sports equipment

The treadmill, on which things hang and store dumbbells that you do at home a couple of times a week is a common picture, but not a masterpiece. To correct the error, provide a specific area for the simulator and accessories. A good idea is to isolate it with a screen or even arrange a mini-gym on a loggia.

And it is worth thinking: are these things really necessary in a small apartment space?

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8. Bed linen

Imagine a bedroom in pastel colors, and in it - a bed on which from under the beige bedspread you can see bright blue bedding with flowers. Complete failure!

The way out of this awkward situation is almost the same as with towels: pick up textiles in the interior style. Or sew a genuine blanket and make the bed completely, and throw decorative pillows on top.

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9. Spices, oil, towels in the kitchen

Of course, such things are better to clean, leave in the closet. But if this gives you inconvenience, adapt beautiful containers for them. Do not store spices above the hob.It is better to provide for them a separate panel in the kitchen.

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10. Scattered toys and textbooks in children's rooms

No matter how difficult it is to teach a child to order, it is better to do it from early childhood. And so that he himself would like to do this, buy bright boxes or baskets so that you can put everything in its place. Teach him structuring from an early age.

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Do not forget: small things that are not designed and systematized in any way create chaos and confusion. From this interior ceases to be solid. Try to be a photographer in your house: what would you remove? I think many things you would hide from the camera.

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