How much to play sports?

Everyone knows that playing sports is very useful. A person just needs physical activity during the day in order not to earn any unpleasant disease. Every person starts to play sports for different reasons. Someone wants a beautiful and pumped body, large and prominent muscles, and someone on the contrary wants to lose weight and become more resilient. Let's take a closer look at how a person needs to train to achieve the desired results.

Training plan

As already mentioned above, in order to decide how much you need to play sports, you need to clearly understand the goal to which you want to go. Let's consider the case if you want to gain muscle mass by going to the gym.

In order to pump up large muscles, at first you do not have to go to the gym daily. No, you definitely do not need to do this. After the first workout, you will have pain in all your muscles, which somehow had a load. This is normal, because your body is not accustomed to the training process and for him it is a great stress.Therefore, in the first months you need to go to the gym, maximum, twice a week and do basic exercises, which include, for example, bench press, squats with weights and deadlifts. Only after you go through this period of training and your body begins to respond to the load, you can begin to work on a program aimed at certain muscle groups.

If your muscle mass is small, then you should eat as much protein as possible. Proteins - the main building material of our body, so when training, which injure your muscles, they are simply necessary.

How much to play sports to lose weight? In this case, I advise you to start with running, and if your weight is very large, then with a simple long walk. It is not necessary to start running very sharply around okaraarafon distances. This is wrong and only harm your unaccustomed body. Begin first to engage in once a week, gradually increasing the load. Believe me, in a month, in a maximum of two, you will run in two, or even three times more than at your very first workout.

How does the body react?

Let's consider the physical stress on our body in terms of medicine. Why is asking a question about how much to play sports, you can always hear the answer that you can not immediately begin very sharply? In fact, everything is quite simple. With excessive physical exertion, your body is under severe stress. And most of the work falls not on the muscles, but on your heart. With physical activity, your "main pump" needs to pump blood through your body faster and more. If your heart is not ready for this, then most likely the only thing you will achieve from your workout is shortness of breath, reddening of the face and no result. This is one of the main reasons why it is impossible to start training abruptly like many professional athletes.

But, the heart is not the only weak point. Our muscles are also badly injured under load. Most likely, you noticed that after you run or pull heavy weights, the next day your muscles ache or are quite sore. It just says that your body was not ready for such loads and is now recovering its strength.

So let's summarize and see how many times you need to play sports. It all depends on your experience. If you are an experienced athlete, then your training should in any case be held in a more active mode than that of a beginner, otherwise there will be no point in this training. For beginners, it is better to start with preparing your body and gradually increase the load.

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