How not to miss the chance to meet

How not to miss the chance to meetDo you think that you have no chance? You will not have them! How not to miss a chance to meet?

Traveling around the country, I constantly hear the same thing: “Why doesn't anyone invite me for dates?”, “Where have all the normal men (women) gone?”, “There is even no one to put an eye on”. Moreover, these words are pronounced by wonderful, interesting, deeply spiritual people. If you think about it, their behavior looks strange.


Most of the single women with whom I had the opportunity to work, as if by agreement, were taken to complain that there are no decent and decent men around. They tried to assure me that the world is more like either a female mo nagging, where there is not a single man, or a male colony of strict regime - steep only men, but those with whom it is better not to get involved. Sometimes there is a temptation to invite one of them to a cup of tea, but build a house with them - dismiss! It seems that many women like a powerful magnet pulls to such men who are unworthy of them.And they themselves clearly understand that their elects do not share their spiritual values.


But it is worth talking to men, as I hear complaints that "there are no attractive and spiritual women around." Many men keep in their hearts the romantic image of an ideal woman for whom they will be ready for anything. Sometimes it seems to them that they see the reflections of the cherished image in one or another real woman, but over time it turns out that the ideal has disappeared, leaving a feeling of emptiness in the male soul. But the spiritual and interesting women with whom men fasten platonic friendship, do not cause them any romantic feelings.


An absolutely obvious question arose before me: “Why can't these unfortunate men and women find each other? After all, they are talking about the same thing. ” This question did not give me peace, and I wondered how to help people who did not meet or did not see each other.


And it hit me! The insight came from a seminar in Southern California. I talked about how to search for people with a strong character and with appropriate spiritual needs. When it was time for questions and answers, one woman raised her hand and said: “You say that you need to go on dates with different people in order to understand what kind of person I need.You emphasize how important spirituality is in a person. All this is wonderful, but in Southern California there are none. The local population is too independent, everyone is absorbed in their own problems. Here everything is like migratory birds. Nobody takes root and does not settle for a long time. Everyone here is “newcomers”, they are completely unpredictable. It's much easier to find a serious man in the Midwest. "


I could barely restrain myself. I wanted to shout at this woman. On the eve I conducted the same seminar in the Midwest. Do you know what the woman from the hall told me? She said: "It is very difficult to find a suitable man here. To most of the local representatives of the stronger sex, all spiritual is alien. And all spiritual men are already married. It is much easier to find a suitable man somewhere in Southern California - there are always a lot of new people, all the visitors are coming there. ”


So, a resident of Southern California, a state with a population of over twenty million people, believes that all worthy candidates for dating live in the Midwest. And a resident of the Midwest is convinced that all good men are concentrated in Southern California. What is the problem?


I know many men and women from California who have managed to find a suitable match for themselves. I also conducted seminars in the Midwest, and there people manage to find a mate. The speeches of these two women reminded me of a long-known truth to me:


People who blame external circumstances for their failures are left with nothing. And the one who works on himself, is responsible for his actions and acts - he achieves success.

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