How to attract attention

So how do you turn on yourselfAttention�the opposite sex, so as not to have the reputation of neither shameless impudent, nor touchy, almost a �blue stocking�? Here, as in any other business, the �golden mean� is important. Try to ensure that self-confidence in no way takes the form of self-confidence. A look may (and should) be interested, but not too intent. If he is shy, this is also quite acceptable, but in moderation! It is very important not to overdo it.
If a woman is timid in character, she can easily engage in a casual conversation with a man about the most "innocent", non-binding, things. For example, about work, about hobbies. By this, firstly, it will relieve the initial tension, and secondly, it will push him to greater candor and courage. A bolder, outspoken woman can immediately show a man that she liked him, as if �playing� with objects in her hands: a tea or coffee cup, a cigarette, a keychain ... She can flirty her hair, fiddle or smooth her hair .An even more outspoken sign of interest is if she tries to �demonstrate� the virtues of her figure � for example, by adopting such a posture to emphasize the pomp of the chest or the thinness of the waist.
Well, a man, in order to show that a woman was interested in him, should literally �not take her eyes off her�. Respond to her words - response cues, gestures. It is advisable not to �force� events, especially when it comes to touch. Gently touching the wrist, for example, is perfectly acceptable, but a woman can regard a touch above the elbow, especially since she is sure that she is impudent.

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