How to become a policeman

Features of work in the police

When your preference in choosing a profession has stopped at work in the police, then you should think about the necessary difficulties, such as risk to your health and life, as well as irregular working hours and readiness for the fact that you can be hired at any time of day. The advantages of this profession are: the provision of uniforms by the state, social benefits for children of police officers, the allocation of money by the state for the purchase of housing, as well as retirement at 45 years of age. If neither you nor your close relatives have a criminal record and your health and physical fitness meet these requirements for working in the police, then you can consider this vacancy.
Citizens from 18 to 35 years old are admitted to the police with an education not lower than the average full general education. The advantage is enjoyed by candidates who have graduated from the law faculty of a higher educational institution, since the position and, accordingly, the salary will depend on it.If you are thinking about the choice of this profession at school, then it is worth choosing the appropriate educational institution: the university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the police secondary school.

Applying for a job in the police

Before you are employed by the police, you must contact the ATS department in the personnel department at your place of residence, and then go through several stages.
Interview, collecting the necessary documents. You will need a statement, application form, recommendations, certificates of education, passport and passport, autobiography, military ID, employment record, TIN certificate, consent, documents that disclose your personal income, possession of property, as well as documents on obligations to spouses and children under 18 years old.
Passage of medical commission. Getting in clinics certificates that you do not have sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis and mental disorders. You need to do all the standard tests, as well as tests for the presence in your body of drugs. It will take at least several hours to complete a psychological examination, this test with a lot of questions, with a lie detector connected. Next, you need to undergo expert consultations: a surgeon, an ENT, an oculist, a therapist, a psychiatrist and do a x-ray, ECG and ultrasound of the organs.
Filling financial documents.Filling out a tax return, information on bank accounts, property, stocks, securities, property.
Sports training. It is necessary to pass the standards for physical training: push-ups from the floor, press, long-distance running.
When all the steps are followed, you will only have to wait for the results, because everything you need is already done.

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