How to become an assistant deputy?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 4, 2014
How to become an assistant deputy?

How much has been said about deputies - both bad and good. But after all these people's choices do not do all their affairs themselves. There are just a lot of things, but there is no time for them. This is where assistants come to the arena, who are involved in virtually all affairs. They are always in the shadows, they are always in care, but the fact that they are present at the deputy all the time is for sure. How to become an assistant deputy?


There are two main ways to get the status of assistant deputy:

  1. Usually a deputy is nominated by a political party. Therefore, you must first become a party man. You have to do some kind of social work, be literate, knowledgeable and very hardworking. Any task of the party you must complete to the end. You must pay attention. Such an executive person is very necessary for the deputy. And rest assured, the proposal to become an assistant deputy will go to you.
  2. It may happen that they will not appoint you an assistant, so take the initiative.You can come to the reception to the deputy from his party and offer him his services. If there are no vacancies, ask him to advise you to someone.

Assistant MP - a difficult position. You will have to travel a lot around the regions, the deputy himself does not always do this, and he needs information. All the paperwork falls on him. He writes reports, prepares meetings, draws up work schedules and reports. And this is a big minus of such work. As life shows, 24 hours a day is a little helper to cope with all things.

True, the status of assistant deputy gives some advantages. Many doors open in front of him, where the entrance to ordinary people is simply forbidden. He is aware of all political events, he has a decent salary, a company car, a toll-free telephone and other advantages of a government official.

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