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How to Become Popular As a New Kid


Ten Weeks Before

  1. If you like, you can start losing or gaining weight.Let's face it, people judge you. You can try to get to a healthy weight for your age, just check online or ask your mom. But don't get Super skinny, or else you'll be labeled as "anorexic".
  2. Begin saving money for new clothes and school supplies.If you aren't one who has much money, try going to a consignment shop. Some brands that are usually a ticket into popularity are Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, American Eagle, Hollister, Brandy Melville and so much more.

Five Weeks Before

  1. Break any habits that may cause someone to think that you are a loser.Bite your nails? Chew your hair? Stop; people will think you are disgusting.
  2. Get a new haircut.Usually the salon will have magazines for you to look at, so find one that you like and think suits you. But if you like your hair the way it is, get a trim. It makes your hair look more healthy, sparkly and pretty.

One Week Before

  1. Time to go shopping!Take the money you have saved up and go to different stores. Target and Kohl's usually have cheap, stylish clothes. You can also look on the sale rack at Abercrombie or Hollister if you'd like. You can shop for school supplies at Office Max, CVS, Meijer, and Target. Meijer and Target are probably the best if you dislike the plain stuff. If your new school allows it, you can buy makeup and nail polish, too.
  2. Come up with interesting things to talk about with the kids at your new school.It might be a TV Show, a popular movie, hit song, or even bestselling book. Read newspapers, magazines, blogs, watch TV, listen to music, rent a movie, all that good stuff to get conversation starters.
  3. If you can, get your nails done.

Day Before

  1. Lay out your awesome new clothes and school supplies so you'll be ready to go in the morning.
  2. Plan out how you'll do your hair, makeup, etc.
  3. Get to bed on time.

First Day of School

  1. Breathe.You're going to a new school that may or may not be similar to your old one, not a prison. You're bound to find someone who is willing to be your friend.
  2. Do NOT be late.Nothing creates a bad first impression more than this, on both your teachers and classmates.
  3. When your teacher announces you to the class, stand up confidently and introduce yourself.If he or she wants you to tell something about yourself, briefly outline your life.
  4. Between classes and at lunch, socialize with everyone.This get everyone to like you, not just one group.
  5. Join extracurriculars.Doing this will help you to find people who have similar interests.
  6. Listen to your ipod/mp3 player in the morning to get you pumped up and feel like you're ready to take on anything.

After the First Day

  1. Continue to be social.
  2. Soon after you have someone's phone number, invite them over.By doing this you will strengthen your friendship.
  3. Ask people for their e-mail address or name on Facebook.They'll get a chance to see pics of you and your old friends.
  4. Facebook friend request people you met during the day, look at their profiles and learn who is friends with who.
  5. Congratulate yourself.You've made it.
  6. Maybe join some clubs or sports.

Community Q&A

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  • Look approachable. Not many people are going to talk to you if you look mean and stuck up.
  • Be nice to everyone. If you're mean your classmates won't like you as much.
  • Don't blend. The popular people at a school stand out, so don't become a copy of everyone else.
  • When you share your life story, include interesting events, but don't give too much detail. When your classmates' curiosity isn't quite satisfied, they will still have questions, a reason for them to hang out with you later.
  • Stand up for yourself. Bullies are usually kids desperate for attention. If one does confront you and shout insults, doNOTinsult him back. This will only create a bigger problem. If this continues or the bully threatens to hurt you, ask an adult for help. They should be able to handle the problem better than you could.
  • Bring your ipod or mp3 player to listen to just in case you get a little bored. Be careful because some schools don't allow electronic devices in the buildings.


  • Don't mimic anyone. You will come off as a poser and your chances of popularity are gone.
  • DoNOTbe giving anyone bad looks. The girl you might have rolled your eyes at might have been someone who can make your school days pretty bad.
  • Don't be a major flirt right away. Girls might talk bad about you.
  • This may or may not work, depending on the social setup of the school.

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