How To: Set Macros on a Razer Keyboard

How to Bind a Razer Keyboard

Two Methods:

Binding a key is like creating a custom shortcut; more specifically, key binding allows computer users to implement a customizable button for any key on the keyboard. It allows for more efficiency while using a computer because it creates shortcuts. Key binding is relevant to today's society because a lot of jobs and tasks require a computer and a keyboard. It is very easy to learn how to bind a key.


Creating the key bind

  1. Install and open the Razer Synapse program that came with your keyboard.The program may by installed using the disk or may be installed online.
    • Insert the disc and click install.
    • If you didn't receive a disk, the program can installed at
  2. Create an account.An account is needed to save all changes and macros created.
    • New users can click 'CREATE ACCOUNT'.
    • Past users may proceed by clicking 'LOGIN'.
  3. Select the correct Razer device.At the bottom left hand corner, select the Razer device that you would like to make changes to.
    • The device image will become highlighted to indicate it has been selected.
  4. Click on the 'MACROS'.The 'MACROS' button can be found in the top header between 'KEYBOARD' and 'STATS'.
    • Click '+' to add a new macro.
    • Enter the desired name of the macro being created.
  5. Choose the delay desired between keystrokes.There are three different options that may be chosen based on the user's desire.
    • Choosing 'RECORD DELAY' records the delay when recording keystrokes.
    • Choosing 'DEFAULT DELAY' allows one to set delays between keystrokes.
    • Choosing 'NO DELAY' will remove all delays between keystrokes.
  6. Click 'Record'.Once when the user clicks record, the recording begins immediately.
    • Type what you desire to bind to the keyboard.
    • The keystrokes will be recorded in order.
    • Click 'stop' to finish recording.
  7. Select the 'KEYBOARD' menu header.It can be located on the top header on the left hand side.
    • Click on the 'CUSTOMIZE' menu sub-header to get to the customization page.
  8. Select the key(s) that you desire to be used for the macro.Any key(s) on the keyboard may be selected to key bind.
    • To select the key that you would like to bind, click on any of the keys on the keyboard image using your mouse.
    • Select more than one key to bind by holding down the left mouse button and highlighting over the keys.
  9. Click the drop down menu under 'KEY ASSIGNMENT'.The key must be set to a macro.
    • Scroll until you find the option 'MACRO' and click on it.
    • Change 'assign macro' to the macro that was created and named.
    • Be sure to click 'SAVE' in order to assign the macro.
  10. Select the playback option.This will allow the user to set the macro key to the desired amount of playback per keystroke.
    • Select 'play once' option will play the keystroke binding only once.
    • Only select 'play multiple times' if you would like the keystroke binding to play more than once with only one click.

Testing the key bind

  1. Open any program or game that the key bind can be used on.It is important to test the key bind to see if the user created it correctly.
    • Open Razer Synapse and sign into your account in order to activate the key bind.
  2. Click on the key bind using your keyboard.The keystrokes should automatically play after clicking the key bind.
    • If the key bind wasn't setup properly, the process may be repeated. Be sure to save the new macro as a new name when recreating a key bind.

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  • Be sure to update Razer Synapse to keep up with the latest updates for key bindings.
  • Razer Synapse update screen will automatically pop-up when updates are available and the program is opened.

Video: How to setup macros on Razer Synapse - Razer keyboards

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Communication on this topic: How to Bind a Razer Keyboard, how-to-bind-a-razer-keyboard/ , how-to-bind-a-razer-keyboard/

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