How to build a sleeve pattern without complicated calculations and formulas. Master class for beginners

Some parts of the human body have strict ratios among themselves. This curious property can be used in cutting and sewing, namely in the construction of the sleeve pattern. We need to take only two measurements: the length of the sleeve from the shoulder and its width. The most difficult thing, namely rollback, will be built with the help of a single trick. This way you can cut out the sleeve, the seam on which will be located at the back.

building sleeves step number 1

First you need to find a drawing paper, or glue together two sheets of A4. This size is enough to build patterns of short sleeves. For a long one, you need larger paper. Next, we build two perpendicular axes. In this case, the vertical role is played by the junction of the sheets.

short sleeve pattern

At the intersection of the axes put the palm, spreading his fingers wide. The left palm is suitable for building patterns of the right sleeve. Mark each finger with a small allowance.

dress pattern

We mark on the horizontal line the points A and B, the distance between which is equal to the width of the future sleeve. Point C is its peak. Smooth line connect the points of the curve.

sleeve pattern

Apply to the pattern of the cut line. The line on the left will become the location of the future seam. At the same stage, note the front and back.

building patterns


Now the parts of the sleeve need to be swapped, connecting them along the cut lines. In the place where the points A and B coincide, we fasten the parts with adhesive tape.

shoulder strap pattern

Now it is necessary to cut off the shaded area.

Simple Sleeve Pattern

On the vertical axis, mark the desired length of the sleeve, then you can proceed to cut.

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