How to celebrate the birthday of the child?

The birth of a child is the most beautiful holiday of all kinds of holidays. Every family celebrates this day in its own way. But all parents seek to surprise and delight their birthday. The feeling that the holiday was a success will come only when you see burning eyes and a wide smile on the lips of your baby. Let's take a look at how to celebrate the child's birthday in this article.

It is quite difficult to organize a children's holiday in a worthy manner And, frankly, not everyone succeeds. In order for everything to turn out well and fun, you need to think in advance not only about the script, but also to have a backup option, in case something goes wrong.

Holiday at home

If you decide to celebrate the birthday of the child at home, then try to make the holiday bright, colorful and fun. And it doesn’t matter how old your child is.

  • As for the holiday table, everything is simple. If you like to conjure in the kitchen, then prepare the treats yourself, and if the prospect of spending the evening and midnight in the kitchen depresses you, then order all the dishes you need from some firm to order.But before this, be sure to read the reviews on this company. Suddenly there is not tasty cooking. If everything is in order, then you will get not only a delicious, but also a beautifully designed table. And no worse than in a cafe.
  • If you do not want to wash the mountains of dirty dishes after the holiday, then this is also possible. Simply replace it with bright and colorful, pressed paper. Holiday napkins and cups with funny faces will help to complete the picture. Plus the fact that after a feast everything can be simply thrown away. In order to celebrate the unusual birthday of the child, so that he remembers at least a year, you need to make maximum efforts.
  • First of all, decorate the whole house with colorful balloons, garlands, hearts, emoticons, etc.
  • Do not forget the script. To do this, be sure to take into account all the wishes of the birthday. If you do not have organizational skills, then again, you can contact a company that specializes in organizing events.
  • You can order home clowns, artists. Or themselves for the time being reincarnated in some fairy tale character.
  • You can start an entertainment program right from the front door.For example, when a child enters a house, he is given a ticket with a number according to which he sits at the table, and a mask of a certain fairytale character is prepared on the chair with the same number on the back. When the guests sit down in their places, then you get a pretty funny picture.
  • You can, as an entertainment program to invite guests to play the lottery. Let each child pull a card with a cropped image out of a hat or drum and try to find among the guests the second half of their image.
  • Come up with a script is not at all difficult. Each age category has its own preferences. For example, for children 8-9 years old, you can take themes from fairy tales, for 10-13 years old, themes from cartoons about Spider-Man, pirates, hobbits, goblins, dragons will do.

Try it and make sure it is inexpensive, fun to celebrate a child’s birthday, and it’s quite possible at home. It is only necessary to use their imagination and ingenuity.

Celebration in a cafe

If you wanted to celebrate the birthday of your child at home, but he did not approve this venture and declared that he was bored, that is a very good way out. Try to order a cafe.Celebrate the birthday of the child in this institution can also be fun and beautiful. In addition, many worries are automatically shifted to the shoulders of other people. But organizing a holiday will have to do you, as all companies offer similar holiday options. And you want something special.

  • If you want to celebrate a birthday party not standard, then you can offer guests and the hero of the occasion to attend a master class on cooking various delicacies. And after successful completion of the dish can be eaten together.
  • Keep in mind that at the children's party the guests absolutely do not pay attention to the dishes. The main thing that was a huge and delicious cake. If you decorate it with fireworks, then the holiday will only benefit from it.
  • Attach a balloon filled with helium to each guest’s chair, and write his name on the balloon. Let the guests sit according to the names on the balls. So it will be more fun.
  • You need to order music that you like the birthday man and guests.
  • Contests should be alternated. Let the first be intellectual, the second movable, etc.
  • You can get a dance competition, and as a prize, let it be, for example, a soft toy or machine.
  • In order that the memories of the holiday never erased, you can order a video or photographer.
  • During the entertainment program, guests will not only entertain, but also develop thinking and imagination.
  • You can make a show of soap bubbles. To do this, each guest must be handed a tube with a special soapy liquid.
  • If you decide to make a costume birthday, then warn guests in advance. You can invite everyone to dress in pirates. The decoration of the hall should correspond to the style of the holiday. Do not forget to order a cake in the form of a ship or a pirate cocked.
  • You can order a lead who will put on the costume of the great magician Goodwin. Let the birthday with the guests go to the emerald city. If everyone comes in suits, it will only be more interesting.

Remember, the key to the fact that the holiday was a success will be an advance organization and a carefully thought out scenario.

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