How to check antivirus?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
March 21, 2013
How to check antivirus?

At the moment, almost all modern users use an antivirus program on their computer. Thus, you will protect your computer from malicious attacks from the network and keep the system working. Now there is a large number of anti-virus programs (NOD 32, Kaspersky, Avast) and they offer us full protection of our computer. But how to check the antivirus for performance? What do I need to do?

Does your antivirus work?

In order to make sure that your anti-virus protection is enabled and working, you need to use a special test program called EICAR (European Institute of Computer Antivirus Technologies), it is a kind of standard for checking your "antivirus". Before checking an antivirus, be aware that this test program is harmless and is used only to test the protection of your antivirus. By following your actions, which we describe, you only create an imitation of a virus (or rather, its code) and it is completely safe for your computer.So, let's begin:

  • First of all, you need to create a notepad file on your desktop (“Text Document”). When this file appears on your desktop without changing its name, open it.
  • Next you need to copy this text: X5O! Li% @ Ali [4 \ liZX54 (li ^) 7CC) 7} $ EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE! $ H + H *.
  • Then through the menu "File", select "Save As". Give the document a name, for example, "test.exe" and save it, for example, on the desktop (or in another folder on your computer).
  • After that, it remains to wait, if your antivirus program is of high quality, then it will immediately detect this file as a malicious file. For example, Kaspersky Anti-Virus responds almost instantly to the file we created.
  • The Anti-Virus will give you a choice of what to do with this file, if you don’t do anything, then all the same this file will be deleted automatically. If your antivirus program, for some reason, does not see this file automatically, then try to scan the system manually. You do not need to select all your removable drives for checking (this can take a lot of time), but check where you saved the file. In this case, the antivirus should find the infected file under any conditions.

Thus, you will find out how fast and efficient your antivirus is.

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