How to check supplier

You will need
  • - the Internet;
  • - legal agency;
  • - the press.
First of all, study all information about the supplier, which is in the public domain. If the company does not have a website, only mobile phones are indicated and there is no physical address - this is a reason to be alerted. Forget the company name in any Internet search engine in different versions and carefully read the main links to this name. Go to the thematic forums and try incognito to ask interesting questions about your potential supplier. As a rule, in this way you will receive reliable insider information. Get acquainted with the company's public activities. Charitable work, participation in various events and trainings - all this characterizes any company in a certain way. Pay attention to the existing court cases in which the name of your future appearssupplier. As a rule, most court decisions are published on the Internet.So you can get an idea of ​​what legal problems this company had.
Ask yoursupplierpackage of documents. At your request, the company must provide any information that does not fall under the category of commercial secrets. Certificates, licenses, permits - all this should be publicly available. Study the sample contract that you are offered to enter into. From many points it will become clear how the supplier plans to carry out the transaction, what penalties will be applied in case of non-compliance with the clauses of the contract. To study the contract you can contact the help of a lawyer. Perhaps some conditions contain "pitfalls" that only a professional will notice.
If you are planning a serious deal, and you want to be completely confident in the potential supplier, resort to professional verification. If your company does not have its own security service, contact a specialized legal agency. Such a firm can be legal, but not available to every method to get the most information.Information about the management and owners of the company, financial and statistical reporting, the commercial activities of the organization - all this information, which can hardly be found in open sources, will help you to get the most reliable picture of a potential supplier.
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Do not use the services of private detectives. They can use illegal methods of obtaining information, and you as a customer will be prosecuted.
Helpful advice
Carry out a trial delivery of a small consignment of goods with the company. You will immediately get an idea of ​​how the company works and will be able to focus on larger volumes.

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