How to choose a lock for the front door

When choosing a lock for the front door you need to avoid the principle of expensive means reliable. Although manufacturers claim otherwise, there are no locks that provide absolute security. They can differ only in the amount of time necessary for their hacking. With this in mind, the best protection will be a complex of a reliable door, two locks having a different design and alarm. But when choosing a lock, due attention should be paid to the choice of the door handle, the quality of which should not be inferior to the quality of the lock. Press set can be very diverse - from different metals, different build quality and country of manufacture. So do not save on this item.

Reliability criteria

The main indicator when choosing a lock on the door is secrecy, which shows how many keys you need to choose in order to open the lock. The class of secrecy depends on the complexity of the selection of the key.

The material used to make the lock mechanism is important.High-strength metal will ensure the stability of components for many years. The well is the main element of the lock, available for hacking. The mechanism is most often cracked along the well and to avoid this, it must be protected as much as possible.

Lock classification

Locks by type of attachment are overhead and mortise. When mounting mortise designs decreases the strength of the material. They do not need to be installed on wooden doors, but they are ideal for armored doors. The padlock is mounted on the inside of the door leaf, and does not allow intruders to reach it.

By type of mechanisms locks are disc, cylinder, electronic and lever.

Cylinder and disc locks

The English (cylinder) lock gained the most popularity in Russia. The main element of its mechanism is the spring-loaded pin inside the cylinder. Although these locks are popular and make up 85% of all the locks on the doors of Russians, they are the most unreliable. Old models are easy to open by drilling or knocking. For the production of modern models use solid metals, they set the balls that lead the drill to the side.But their cost is more expensive.

At the end of the last century disk locks appeared. They consist of several rows of disks, with holes for the key. This ensures the high resistance of the lock to hacking with the help of master keys. Old locks can be easily cracked by drilling. It is better to choose disk locks with an additional free-rotating disk made of hard metal that cannot be drilled.

Level and electronic systems

The lock locks are based on the toggles, the plates having protrusions and notches, which are pushed by furrows on the key at the opening. Usually, 12 plates are placed on the door, and if at least one of the plates is not in the right combination, the key will not turn. The disadvantage of these keys is the use of a large key and a large well, which can be cracked by master keys.

Electronic locks have just begun to conquer the market, and are installed in offices and banks. To open them you need to dial a combination on the remote. There are also models of locks that can be opened by fingerprint recognition, remote control, electronic key and others.These locks depend on the power supply (on batteries), cannot withstand rough cracking, are subject to temperature differences and are not particularly durable. Usually they are installed as additional protection along with locks of other types.

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