How to choose an infrared heater?

How to choose an infrared heater?

How to choose an infrared heater?

Already not the first year for the purpose of heating the premises using infrared heaters. But still they have not yet received a very wide distribution, until they have time for other devices designed to heat the premises. Usually infrared heaters can be seen in common areas such as offices, large stores. However, time passes. Infrared heaters begin to fill a niche in which ordinary household heaters rule, and they are now spreading in the countryside, in various kind of out-of-town houses and in cottages. But their distribution is held back only by one thing - this is their high price.


The principle of operation of infrared heaters is similar to the action of the rays of the sun. But only when the heaters operate, there is no ultraviolet radiation, although the infrared spectrum is completely emitted.Thermal energy permeates the air, partly by heating it from the surface of the device, then transferring to objects to which the heater is directed. The degree of heating of the surface depends on the size of the angle at which the heat rays fall, on the material, on the shape and color of their surface. How to choose an infrared heater correctly?






All types of heaters as a rule are always designed for a power level having proportions of 1 kW per 10 square meters. But as a rule, heaters are selected with a small margin, to be able to compensate for the loss of heat through the walls, the floor and the floor. It is calculated that a specific infrared heater is used as the sole source of heating.



However, if you use the heater as an additional source of heat, you can calculate the power in certain conditions of use of the heater. However, in such a case it is also necessary to take into account the heat loss.



Now on sale are infrared heaters, whose power is 300 watts. The use of such devices can be called expedient if local heating is required, for example, in a garage or basement.This kind of heaters are placed near the person, which distinguishes them from the more powerful IR emitters.


When choosing an infrared heater, pay for power from the network. Many imported models are rated for 240 V. But if you connect a heater to a 220 V network, the device will produce less power. But this fact is not considered a big disadvantage, and if according to other parameters the model completely suits you, then there is no need to refuse the desired purchase.



Electric or gas infrared heater



At the moment, models that rely on liquefied gas or electricity are sold.



Liquefied gas powered infrared heaters are designed for heating large spaces. That is why in ordinary small city apartments the use of such units would not be appropriate. More suitable would be a gas heater for owners of country houses and cottages, since the power of the currently available models, as a rule, starts from 1.5 kW. You also need to pay attention to the type of heating. Type can be direct and indirect. Direct type of heating means that the air is taken directly from the heated room for heating, and then re-enters the same room.So, if you plan to use a heater with a direct type of heating, then the room should have pretty good ventilation. Indirect heating is used in heaters where there is a possibility of exhausting gases, but this type requires certain specialized knowledge to install it.



How to choose an infrared heater?

How to choose an infrared heater?



Infrared gas heaters have one plus, namely, the fact that they can be included in the network. And gas can be removed from cartridges of different volume. But here it should be said that not all premises can receive the necessary approval for the installation of this type of equipment. Yes, it is much easier to install a gas system for heating than to make a heating network, but first of all, you should be guided by the way this method will be available to you, how you will store and deliver gas.



Infrared heaters operating from the mains are sufficiently suitable for use in all sorts of household needs. Such devices have a power of up to 1.5 kW. And electric heaters have spirals made from another material.Until these days, mainly spirals were made on a quartz basis, but now carbon-fiber IR heaters began to spread very quickly. Carbon has a higher thermal conductivity, therefore, heat is transferred much faster. It is pleasant to read books warmly, and which book is better than electronic or paper reading will also be useful.



Installation of infrared heaters



Installing electric infrared heaters is very simple. Most often they are mounted to the ceiling, and special brackets are used as fasteners, which are usually bundled with the heater itself. To install the infrared heater there is no need to have a technical education, everyone is able to install. The most important thing is to choose the place of installation. The thing is that the distance from the heater to the person is strictly defined, otherwise there is the possibility of overheating, and there will be a very uncomfortable feeling. To determine the distance between a person and an infrared heater, you need to know what his power is. If it is 700-800 W, then such a device should be placed at a distance of 0.7 meters, but if the power is 1-15 kW, in this case the distance between the person and the device should not be less than a meter.But there is one nuance - the distance is measured from the surface of the device to the head of a person. For this reason, the heater, whose power 700 W can be installed in almost any room where the ceiling height reaches 2.5 meters. But with a power of 1.5 kW, you must carefully consider the location of the device. Can be mounted on top of the bed, or above the office desk. It is also necessary to know that mounting the heater on the moving brackets, the heater can be located at such angles so that there is no discomfort, and it can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.



How to choose an infrared heater?

How to choose an infrared heater?



If you suddenly decided to install several heaters, keep in mind the following rules:



  • all heaters that are powered from the mains must be connected in parallel;
  • Be sure to consider a separate automatic switch for heaters in the switchboard to provide protection against overloads.


Now a few words about the procedure for connecting gas infrared heaters. The installation of such equipment will depend on the modification.If the structure is shaped like a lamppost, then the gas tank must be directly in the heater. In such a case, it only needs to be refilled periodically. Often, this modification is used for heating areas for children or on verandas. Other modifications require connection to the gas cylinder, and such an operation should be performed better by a specialist.



At the moment, there is a growing demand for infrared heaters. This is primarily due to the fact that this principle of heating is similar to the natural heat from the rays of the sun. Also with the help of such heaters it is impossible to dry the air, while creating very comfortable conditions. It should also be noted a higher level of reliability of the infrared heater in the sense of fire hazard. The only downside is that this method of creating heat is not affordable for every family.


But the fact that technologies go forward uncontrollably suggests that soon all houses will be heated by such heaters. And our article how to choose an infrared heater will be most welcome.

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