How to choose hanging furniture?

Rapid progress implies continuous improvement and the search for new ergonomic furniture forms: modern furniture must not only meet the highest aesthetic standards, but also be extremely functional. That's why hanging cabinets, beds and modules are so popular, because they are extremely practical and at the same time significantly save the interior space.

Principle of the device

As a matter of fact, as seen in the photo, the suspended structures practically do not differ from their outdoor counterparts. The only difference is that these elements have wall mounts. If it is decided that a suspended structure will be used in the house, before designing its location it is necessary to check which walls can withstand the load.

In no case, thin walls of plasterboard or other fragile materials will not be suitable for these purposes - ready-made cabinets can be mounted only on load-bearing walls or surfaces made of materials with sufficient strength.

The main purpose of elements of this type is a symbiosis of ergonomics and high comfort, even though standard items with legs and wheels are considered more practical - after all, they can be easily rearranged to another place.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of wall constructions are obvious.

  1. Easy quick cleaning and no dust under the cabinets. During cleaning, you can not go around multiple corners, and the dust under the cabinets, as is usually the case with outdoor varieties, simply will not have time to accumulate.
  2. Cabinets with wall mechanisms completely open the floor, and this can be an excellent solution if the floor has a significant role in the interior.
  3. Aesthetic and modern look. Such furniture will give visual lightness and fit into the most modern interior.
  4. Free ventilation. Freedom to air flow is very important for fresh and healthy indoor air.
  5. Good ergonomics and space saving. Wall structures (especially corner ones) can save several meters of usable space, this is especially true for small rooms, for example, for a bathroom.

If we talk about the minuses, the main one can be called stationarity and the inability to move part of the elements without complete dismantling. Another drawback - the inability to mount heavy structures on partitions of unreliable materials.

Main varieties

Hanging furniture can settle down and become indispensable almost everywhere: it can be storage cabinets, various display cabinets, spacious and elegant dressers, shelves and cabinets, tables, bath sets and even beds:

  • shelves and shelves are most appropriate in the living room, nursery, bathroom, kitchen and other similar areas;
  • bedside tables will look spectacular in bedrooms and living rooms;
  • showcases can become an important decorative part of the interior of residential and public spaces;
  • hanging beds will be the original solution for the design of the bedroom, and the chairs - perfectly suited for the veranda.

Principles of choice

Suspended structures require a special approach, since, incorrectly chosen, they can lead to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, the choice should be taken seriously:

  • one should not be guided only by price when choosing - sometimes, in fact, expensive types may not be the most reliable;
  • It is best to select the elements in accordance with the design project or the chosen style in order to make the room complete and harmonious;
  • furniture is usually selected after the surfaces in the room are decorated: both the walls and the floor. So the probability of not guessing with a touch will be almost zero;
  • Before choosing, you need to clearly define the walls on which the elements will be mounted, as well as their sizes. The object should not take more than a third of the wall, so as not to clutter the space.

Competently selected hanging objects will decorate and highlight the interior solution, save space and give the room volume, lightness and airiness.

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