How to choose plastic windows in 2018

The criteria for choosing a plastic window is quite simple. A company that offers its products must have worked on the market for at least three years, have certificates of quality, fire safety and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, earn an honorable reputation. It should also be borne in mind that the company selling plastic windows, should provide a guarantee for products for a period of not less than five years.
The noise absorption coefficient depends entirely on the distance between the glasses and their number in the glass unit. The noise insulation index is very important for residents of the premises, whose windows overlook the highways or noisy city streets. Thermal insulation properties are determined by the thickness of the glass and the number of chambers of the window profile. In this case, you should consider how well your home is heated. If it is cold indoors in the autumn and winter, then it is recommended to install a five-chamber profile with energy-saving glass.
To protect against sunlight, you should order metal windows with glass having a mirror coating. It is applied by spraying a thin layer of metal oxide. You can also insert colored or stained glass into the glass unit, which will allow to emphasize the design and style of the room.
The performance characteristics of a plastic window depend in many respects on the quality of fittings. Windows in any mode should be opened without much effort, while the seal fits snugly to the window casement, and the handles should not be loosened over time. Practice has shown that the highest quality and durable to date is German fittings.
Additional features of the accessories: rotation limiter, slit vent, sash tilting limiter, microlift. It is important to remember that you buy windows for many years, so you should choose them not only on the basis of price, but also of functionality, quality, performance, and service.

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