How to choose the right towel

Anyone who has ever done repairs in his house or started building from zero is known as this when the outlines of the future nest are already visible. And not an unimportant role in the overall picture of the house play, at first glance, not noticeable details. Take, for example, a kitchen or bathroom. One of the most important roles here is played by such not noticeable, but also irreplaceable accessories, as towels. If you are still looking for the perfect specimen for yourself, pay attention to.

Features and Specs

Towels are an indispensable accessory in every home. Today there are many types of towels. They differ in the purpose and material of which they were made. Among them are: -bamboo- are distinguished by softness and tenderness when interacting with the skin, as well as by their antibacterial properties. They are good for their moisture resistance and fast drying. -terry- do not cause allergies and absorb moisture well, they also do not electrify, therefore they are suitable for frequent hair drying. -towelsof microfiber - have both advantages and disadvantages.They are compact enough, do not absorb odors, but they are not strong enough.

Also, towels can be classified by purpose, there are towels for the face, body, legs, hands, for the bath, for the kitchen, for guests, etc.

The Perfect Amount

Face Towel/

As we all know, a towel is a universal thing and there are no many towels in the house. At the same time there is an ideal amount of towels in the house, to which each hostess should be guided. If we take as an example the average family consisting of three people, we can calculate that on such a family, on average, you need more than 4 towels of each category. In this case, all you need to be able to choose the right towels.

Selection Tips

Here are a few tips to help you get a quality item that will last you for a long time. When buying towels, be guided by several categories: - quality of the material and its appearance; - strength of the material; - neatness of the seams; - absorbency; - softness of the product; - the absence of allergic reactions, when interacting with the skin; - the material should show itself well when washing and should not lose color.

A few tips on using

Face Towel

With regards to washing towels, the main thing here is to adhere to the features that manufacturers indicate on the label of the product itself, this includes ironing, washing, temperature control, bleaching, etc.

Do not just put towels of different color palettes in the washing machine. A wash should not be applied as the product is contaminated, but after a single use.

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