How to congratulate a loved one?

Many people think about how to originally congratulate a loved one. There are plenty of reasons for this: wedding anniversary, birthday, Defender of the Fatherland Day, New Year and other holidays. On each of these days, I want to think of something memorable and unusual. Read the various ideas on how to congratulate your loved one. When preparing a gift, it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on it, as long as it is from the heart. However, do not skimp on fantasy. It is your imagination and creativity that will help save not only money, but also time.

Inexpensive and nice

  • Let the holiday for a loved one begin in the early morning. To do this, you can decorate the room with festive garlands, balloons. It is worth getting up a bit earlier to prepare a light breakfast for your dear person. You should not be wise with dishes, let it be better to be familiar foods for him, what he prefers to use every day for breakfast. It can be any sandwiches or even plain scrambled eggs, made in the form of hearts.
  • Congratulations for your beloved can also be presented in an original way.For this, early in the morning it is worth giving him a big bunch of balloons, having previously put a note in each balloon with a congratulation or declaration of love. You can also put such notes in his jacket pocket. He will be very pleased to find them.

Useful and practical thing

  • When deciding how unusual it is to congratulate a loved one, you need to think carefully about the gift itself. It is best to build on its practicality. If your man is an avid car enthusiast, then he can present as a gift a set of car mats, air freshener, new seat covers or just a key ring. If your man smokes, then you can present him a cigarette lighter with an engraving of your congratulations. But in any case, you should not give a gift that will be useful not only for him, but for both of you. For example, something for your home. It is also better not to give him a saw, screwdrivers and other tools, unless, of course, your loved one is not an avid self-taught constructor.
  • Remember that this day is not only your holiday. If you want to spend it at home, then refrain from sweatpants, worn out robes and sweaters with elongated arms.Put on something nice and comfortable.
  • When you decide to give your beloved a gift, you do not need to stretch the gift box and ask him to look at it. It is best to put a gift somewhere in a prominent place or hide it on a shelf with its belongings. It is much better if he himself stumbles upon a gift, and this will be a surprise to him.

If he has everything

And how can you congratulate your beloved, if he has everything? Very simple!

  • All women know that men love to eat tasty. However, it is not necessary to stand at the stove all day trying to cook something new, tasty and unusual. The best solution is to invite your loved one to some unusual themed restaurant, for example, a cowboy: saddles instead of chairs, country music. Your man will definitely be impressed.
  • If your favorite is an avid fisherman, then it�s easy to decide how to congratulate your loved one. You can organize a joint trip to the pond or to the lake. There you will be able to feel the passion of your man, and any representative of the strong half of mankind cannot fail to appreciate such an act.

Acting by analogy with these examples, you can always think of how interesting it is to celebrate a man's holiday. In any case, remember that the gift must be sincere and wholeheartedly. Do not be discouraged if you have limited funds, the main thing is attention. But the best thing, of course, is to take care of the money in advance, save somewhere, set aside and give your beloved an original and really valuable gift.

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