How much to cook chicken breast?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
February 26, 2013
How much to cook chicken breast?

Chicken breast is a real diet product, this is confirmed by the findings of doctors, nutritionists, professional chefs. And broth with a breast is also very useful, it is recommended to eat during treatment in case of serious diseases. Breast can be given to both young children and the elderly. But its usefulness may disappear during long-term heat treatment. Therefore, each housewife who cares about the healthy nutrition of her family, it is important to know how much to cook chicken breast.

Broth cooking process

Chicken breast is boiled, cut into slices 2-3 cm long, 1 cm wide. Boil the sliced ​​thus enough to cook for 15-20 minutes. From this breast, fragrant broth is obtained, you can put finely chopped dill and parsley, as well as a half of a boiled egg. A little trick: if the chopped breast is soaked for 40 minutes in a cherry liqueur, pressed and boiled, the cooking time is reduced to 10 minutes. And the resulting dish is called "Chancellor's Broth."This is an incredibly tasty broth, which consists of only breast and greens, try it!

Salad Breast

If you need to put chicken breast in a salad, the answer to the question of how to cook chicken breast will be different. For a salad, you have to cook it whole. And it is advisable not to cut the chest bone and cartilage. Cooking time of chicken breast increases to 40 minutes. If you cook for an hour or more, the chicken is made very soft and it is not very pleasant to eat.

Breast can be different

Before you think about how much time to cook chicken breast, you need to know what kind of chicken you turned out to be. If this is a broiler chicken, then the cooking time will be exactly what we have already indicated. But if you have a country chicken broiler, you can safely add 10-15 minutes to each type of cooking. But you can be caught and laying chicken, which lived for 2-3 years. Here it is necessary to boil it until soft and a half hours. But imagine how many vitamins and nutrients will remain in the meat with such a long cooking.

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