How to correct pelvic (buttock) presentation of the fetus

A very effective way is a set of special exercises. It is not complicated and it can be done at home. A little exercise will help not only turn the baby around, but also improve your mood, reduce the tone of the uterus, and strengthen the muscles of the small pelvis. But before you start gymnastics, get approval from your doctor. Contraindications of this type of activity may be the threat of premature birth, preeclampsia, uterus scar from a previous cesarean section, tumor, etc.
Sign up for a pool. While swimming, the uterus relaxes, the baby’s legs move away from the pelvic bones, he gets more room to move, which means he has more opportunities to take a position comfortable for childbirth. This will work even if you cannot swim. A bath of medium depth will help you to feel confident and comfortable in the water.Just choose a pool with the maximum degree of water purification. The ideal option would be water that is purified not by chlorine, but silver or nitrogen.
Try to apply psychological methods. The child reflexively turns to the light, so direct the light of the flashlight or desk lamp to your lower abdomen. Talk with the baby, ask him to change the position. Encouraging the voice of parents, gentle stroking of the abdomen from top to bottom can have a beneficial effect on your baby and make him roll over.
These simple techniques for a period of 30 to 35 weeks are effective in about 75% of cases. After all, the head of the fetus is heavier and, with a little help, it will probably soon be at the bottom.

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