How to create a configuration file

You will need
  • - admin rights.
Launch the Notepad application. You can find this application through the “Start” menu in the “Standard programs” section, or create a text file by clicking on the desktop with the right mouse button and clicking on the “New” item. Next, select "Text File". The Notepad application opens. This software is installed by default on your computer with the operating system.
Save the new text file as an ini-file, giving it the appropriate extension. Specify the file name based on its purpose. The file for loading the operating system is usually called boot.ini and is located in the root of the "C" drive. Enter the file settings barconfigurations. In the [boot loader] section, specify the timeout (user selection wait), default (default system), redirect (port name) and redirectbaudrate (port speed) parameters.
In the [operating systems] section, list information about the installed systems and where their folders are located.Here you can see the number of the boot hard disk of the system and the partition number of the hard drive. All information is at your discretion. Similar data can be viewed by going to the “My Computer” tab. Right-click and select "Properties." Here you can view all system parameters.
Make changes to the fileconfigurationsYou can also use standard Windows utilities. To do this, go to the properties of "My Computer", in the "Download" and "Restore". Next, find the operating system boot area. Click on the "Edit" button. Here you can make various changes to the files.configurationsand also create your own. Also, do not forget that such files can disrupt the entire operating system if used improperly.
You can also just write a file in a text editor from scratch.configurations. For example, the Windows operating system configuration file, namely win.ini contains such strings as
; for 16-bit app support
[mci extensions]
MAPI = 1
CMCDLLNAME32 = mapi32.dll
CMCDLLNAME = mapi.dll
CMC = 1
OLEMessaging = 1
[MCI Extensions.BAK] The following are lists of all formats that will be played using a standard player.

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