How to create a travel agency

You will need
  • - package of constituent documents;
  • - office space on one of the main streets;
  • - two tour sales managers;
  • - well thought-out promotion strategy and advertising media.
Register a limited liability company or individual entrepreneurship - both organizational and legal forms are suitable for such kind of activity as selling tourist tours. Licensing of services in the field of tourism is canceled, so you will not need to get a special permit before opening a travel agency
Find a place where your travel agency office is located. There are a lot of office requirements: it should be located in a high-traffic area, on the ground floor, with doors going straight out into the street. In large business centers, there are offices of only elite travel agencies, working with individual wealthy clients, but not designed for mass demand.
Find a few tour sales managers, guided by one of the two most common schemes used in personnel matters. In the first case, you hire professionals with no experience, but are satisfied with the minimum salary, in the second - look for experienced sellers of tours, bearing in mind that their salary will have to match this experience. It is possible in the form of an experiment to try an intermediate option - to hire an experienced senior manager and a young employee who can gradually learn from the first one.
Develop a strategy to promote your travel company - focus, for example, on a non-standard assortment of tours. Perform an advertising campaign of such a scale as your starting budget will allow you - organize promotions, distribute flyers, order outdoor advertising and an impressive sign, made in the corporate style. It is better to work with one, checked and satisfied by all parameters advertising agency - the services of advertisers will need you more than once.

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