How to deal with "Plyushkin syndrome"

So how do you determine if a person has a mild mental disorder? There are several signs by which one can determine the degree of neglect of a particular case.Here are some of them:

  • it is difficult for a person to say goodbye to completely unnecessary, useless, and sometimes even broken things;

  • it is difficult to navigate among the surrounding things - what is, what is not, what is where and the like questions cause difficulties;

  • cute things start to strike in the houses of friends and acquaintances, a hundred ways to use the object you like immediately appear in your head.

To get rid of Plyushkin syndrome and crush the unhealthy passion for gathering in the bud, you must:

  • First of all, very much want to come to the desired result. Well, you see, it will be difficult to clean your house from unnecessary rubbish without your participation.

  • Conduct a general cleaning, without hesitation destroy all useless and meaningless objects occupying the space.

  • After cleaning, try to maintain the created order and not accumulate junk on a new one.

  • Do not be worth taking from your buddies even you really liked, but they are completely unnecessary things. Most likely, if these things are not useful to your friends, then they will be useless to you.

  • Accumulated junk can be distributed to those in need or presented to friends.

  • When buying new things, think about whether they are necessary, and perhaps old ones have not yet become obsolete and are quite suitable for use.

Best of all, of course, in order to eliminate the risk of a painful situation itself, with the slightest symptoms of such dependence on things, immediately turn to a professional psychologist. It will help you to eliminate the cause of trash accumulation in the most efficient way and effortlessly.

The problem of collecting people is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance, and can seriously complicate the lives of many people. The main thing is to take control of the situation in a timely manner, get rid of unnecessary things, and you will see how much easier your life will become.

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