How to draw a tree?

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How to draw a tree?

In this article we will tell you in detail how to draw a tree with a pencil. When drawing trees, people very often make the same mistake. They forget that the tree, like many other objects, is a three-dimensional object, a three-dimensional form. Therefore, it is very useful to draw trees, as well as branches and leaves of trees — in the process of work, a person develops a spatial vision of the subject, and he also learns to convey planning and volumes. In addition, due to the extraordinary diversity of the plant world, drawing trees is also very interesting. For the development of creative skills, experts recommend choosing the same tree and drawing it at different times of the year. It will also allow the development of both the drawing technique and the observation. We now turn directly to the technique and learn how to draw a tree in stages.

The first thing to consider when drawing a tree with a pencil is planning. We have already said that a tree is a three-dimensional form.Therefore, place those branches of the tree that are closer to you, in the foreground, those that are a little further - in the background, and the furthest branches, which are visible - in the background, respectively. If this is not done, the drawing will not look alive, but will appear flat and unnatural. Plannedness dictates to us the following condition: the branches that are closest to us need to be worked out and drawn much more clearly than the distant ones. Now let's talk about the order, how to draw a tree with a pencil.

  1. Inspect the tree itself, admire it, remember the shape of the tree, some of its characteristic features. Look at the shape of the crown, on the trunk, what do you see? There is no need to hurry, but you need to memorize the object as best you can, how to live with it.
  2. Now you can go to the outline of the picture, make a light layout, take into account the proportions, outlining them with light lines. At this stage, a detailed study of the picture is not needed, we note only the general features and draw auxiliary lines, with the help of which we can better convey the proportions.
  3. At this stage, we create the very planning, volume.This is achieved with the help of tone processing, when the nearest details of the tree are worked out clearly, strongly and in detail. The farther the details - the weaker and more vague. Here it is necessary to note some details of the picture. If you draw, for example, a tree in street lighting, then the lighter tone is to select the closest branches, but it is recommended to make such drawings to more experienced artists.

Many are interested in the question of how to draw the leaves of trees. Here we will help a few simple exercises.

  • The first exercise is to take a simple sheet (for example, birch) and circle it on paper. So you more accurately learn to feel the form. Such an exercise is recommended for starters for those who cannot draw at all.
  • The second exercise is more difficult - you need to learn how to copy the leaves from the original, conveying the form and details. It is recommended to paint the leaves in full size.

For those who are interested in how to draw a sakura tree, let's say that the principles are practically the same. First, look at the image or the living tree and remember it: the crown, trunk, main details.Also, before starting the process of drawing, mark where you will place the flowers of the sakura - this will help create a more accurate picture. Well, and then proceed to drawing, using the same steps that are described above in our article.

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