How to get distilled water at home

If you have a humidifier, a steam mop, a steam iron or similar equipment at home, then you know that you need a clean, and distilled water is best, as scale water forms from such tap water and fails. Distillation means the conversion of water to steam, which condenses during cooling to pure H2O without additional impurities. Today, I’ll tell you how I put together a simple but reliable distiller to get distilled water in my own kitchen.

What you need

I used the following materials:
  • Two jars under a twisting lid.
  • Two lids and a takeaway coffee tube.
  • Screw rings on the jar, but fit two ordinary screw caps.
    How to get distilled water at home
  • Flexible tube for connecting twocapacities.
How to get distilled water at home
You will also need a saucepan or other capacity to boil water in a steam bath, as well as to cool the second can of condensate.Tools will be required : A knife or a handsaw with fine teeth. A gun for hot glue.

Assembly of a distiller

I had two rings which are used for winding on the jar, I used them to fix the lids. If there are no such rings, the locking rings can be made independently by cutting the upper part from the usual cap. I cut two small lengths of about 5 cm each from the cocktail tube. They put on a flexible tube: I used a tube for an aquarium, as it is ideally suited to the diameter and a tight connection is obtained. Hot glue sealed the gap in the lid. It turned out firmly and tightly.
How to get distilled water at home
How to get distilled water at home
Then immediately put on two fixing rings,Directed by twisting in different directions.
How to get distilled water at home
Then I collected the same design from the other end of the flexible tube, poured water from the tap into one of the cans and twisted the caps. This is the construction.
How to get distilled water at home


To cool the steam, put an empty jar in a glass decanter so that you can pour cold water or ice into it .
How to get distilled water at home
I put a jar of water to be heated in a saucepan, poured water into it and put it on the burner.
How to get distilled water at home
When the water in the first jar heated up, water vapor began to form, which passed through a tube into the second tank, where it condensed into pure distilled water. How to get distilled water at home
How to get distilled water at home
It turned out very slowlysince the water in the pot was boiling stronger than the evaporation of the liquid in the jar. Here I realized my mistake: I had to use a metal jar that was heated in a water bath instead of a glass jar, and a metal container that could be put directly on the burner to quickly get a large amount of steam. I hope my experience will help you make a practical distiller for home and prevent some mistakes.
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